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This page does three things. First, it lists some of the printed products Bowfin Printworks can design for you, in addition to my personal favorite type of work -- CasualCards. Second, it shows many different typefaces in one-line settings. The typeface name follows the line in parenthesis. Third, the type samples on this page seek to flood you with many not-so-subtle persuasions, cleverly intended, almost like water torture, to convince you of the value of having and, more importantly, giving away CasualCards, There's nothing subliminal about it at all!

You can click on the product links at the bottom of the page to see more about each of them.

You are invited to suggest slogans of your own to be used on this page, but I reserve the right to edit any grotesque suggestions, or language that is upsetting to my artistic sensibilities. Just click on the "e-mail your slogan idea" link at the end, and be funny and creative. Thanks.

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 Address Labels | Album pages | Baseball Scoresheets |Bookplates | Business cards | CasualCards | Collection labels

"GrandFolks" cards |Greeting card imprinting |Logo design | Mailing labels | Perpetual calendar inserts

Personal stationery | Posters & Handbills |Recipe Cards | "Remember This?" Lists |Restaurant items

Spice jar labels | VCR Log pads |WebWords | Wedding & Special Occasions

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