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These are the sources of most of the fonts in my collection. All of my commercial fonts are licensed and I have the receipts to prove it, going back to 1993, when I got my first Mac. I do not sell or distribute fonts, but I will be happy to tell you where you can buy specific fonts you see on my site, or elsewhere. Providers with the annotation [Type Demo] have the ability to display samples of type in letters or wording that you enter.

If you would like to help support this site, please use the links below if you are thinking of ordering any of the fonts you saw on my site. Some of these providers (with graphic links) return a portion of their sales from these links to me, and this helps keep my site running. You can also consider making a donation to support this site.

I have a free Font Identification Service and will do my best to identify any font sample you can provide, either by URL link, or graphic, and tell you where you can find the font. I have a large collection of font references, so I can generally identify most commercially available typefaces fairly quickly, if the sample is good, and if I am in my office.

 If you have ever considered designing your own font, or making a font from your own printing or handwriting, see my page on Font Design Software.

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The people who brought you PostScript are also major players in the design and retailing of typefaces, as well as widely used software applications for image editing, drawing, and layout for desktop and web publishing. They have over 2,300 typefaces available, many of them original Adobe designs, including the often asked-about Bickham Script. Their fonts are also available from Agfa-Monotype and Linotype.

Now called Monotype Imaging Inc, but still at, this site has the design resources of Monotype Imaging, teamed with dozens other design sources, providing one of the largest selections of typefaces (now over 50,000 fonts), including ITC, Adobe, Chank, Chris Costello, Cool Fonts, Font Bureau, T-26, PIXymbols, Victory Type, Elsner + Flake, P22, Nick's Fonts, Gallo Fonts, Ingrimayne Type, Présence Typo, Red Rooster, FontHaus, Type Associates, URW ++ and other font libraries and collections. The complete Image Club Graphics (ICG) collection of fonts is now sold exclusively at

You can use the search windowat the top of the Table to search for any font in the collection.
A wonderful independent, ad-free type site known to its friends as "the Lab", it is a collaboration of approximately 30 designers from a number of countries. It is the first Provider site I have listed that provides free downloads of their designs. These artists are very thoughtful, generous, and completely committed to their work and the community of type users, as well as the world at large. The site carries newsletters from Apostrophe, the lab's founder, ending with "Things I Dug This Week" - my favorite feature - and a good place to learn about some top new free and commercial font designs. This site includes an encyclopedic set of links & descriptions to a wide range of free and commercial font providers under "Cruise" menu item. [NOTE: The main Lab site is currently being re-designed and you may not be able to access it while this is in progress. The link used here is for The Lab's fonts at typOasis.]  
Lettering artist Steve Contreras has a small collection of about 30 dynamic sign lettering fonts, which include many bold flowing script styles. Since the handlettered look is becoming popular again, these fonts are a fresh change from Brush Script and Brody and other 50-year old designs.

Berthold Type 

One of the big names in international type foundries. Also sell their own designs directly at this site, including the Berthold Exklusivs (BE) formerly available through Adobe. Over 800 typefaces available in CD-ROM library or individually online. The only other place I have found Berthold types is at Phil's Fonts.  
One of the first companies to digitize typefaces. Also developed many original designs of their own. About 1,400 typefaces available. Bistream in recent years has begun revitalizing their font offerings with annual New Font Collections, featuring the works of many new talents in font design. They are a good way to add something fresh to your own font collections.  
This is the source for the Handwritten (HW) fonts that are found mostly in Part 11 of the Script Font ID Guide . Any font you see with the 'HW' after the name came from the ClickArt Handwritten Font collection which is now being sold as part of the ClickArt Fonts 3 Deluxe set by This set, selling at $19.99, includes all 300 Handritten Fonts, as well as 2,600 other ClickArt fonts, 50 Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook fonts and 15,000 images, alphabets and headers for desktop printing projects. I am partial to this HW font collection, because my own hand printing appears as the font 'Bowfin' in this collection.

To find the set, click on the link and search for 'fonts 3 deluxe'.
This new foundry just got started in 2004, in Toronto, Canada. They already offer over 100 quality font designs, including original designs and many revivals of classic script typefaces which for some reason had not previously been digitized. Rebecca Alaccari and Patrick Griffin have evidently been searching the type archives in their efforts to bring some beautiful type styles back to a new life in digital form, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they uncover next. Their fonts can also be found at Patrick has been very generous with his time and his font collection in supporting my Serif Font ID Guide and Script Font ID Guide, in particular.

 The Chank Font Store

The fonts at this site are the work of font free spirit Chank Diesel, who has done many fonts for [T-26}. His work is mostly display faces, and there is a lot of humor and personality in Chank's fonts. There are about 100 lively typefaces offered here. Chank has also enlisted the talents of a number of font designers whose work fits in with the mostly casual and fun look that seem to characterize this site.  

Creative Alliance

See Agfa-Monotype (a.k.a, a.k.a. Monotype Imaging)  


 Distinctive independent design firm with around 70 original type familes, including the designs of Zuzana Licko, the firm's founder. Many of these fonts are just different enough to stand out, and are often requested for ID's on the font newsgroups.  
A recent (2007) addition to the font scene, you can see the influence of Stuart Sandler, creator of the Font Diner, who is one of the founders of this "Font Supply Company" as it calls itself. The clever, and nicely implemented site, looks like a slick vending machine with "Featured Items" and a "Selectronic" menu that lets you choose fonts by style category. Some represented foundries are Harold's Fonts, Fonthead, Blue Vinyl, Typadelic, Mark Simonson, Astigmatic One Eye, E-phemera, and the Wilton Foundry.  

 The Font Bureau, Inc

An outstanding independent digital type foundry, which has produced some very popular and familiar typefaces. About 700 typefaces are available and displayed at their site in poster-style displays. Individual fonts are also sold at Phil's Fonts, FontShop and MyFonts. Their Library is available through Agfa-Monotype, and now the complete collection of individual fonts can also be obtained there. [Type Demo]  
The place to come for the Retro look, the Font Diner uses its "menu" metaphor to identify its various font packages. They have some free fonts always available, called "Free Silverware". The site's whole look fits the Retro theme and looks like a Diner from the '50's just fell onto your computer. Stuart Sandler is the font designer behind this site. Some of his work is now being offered by in the Umbrella Type collection. Stuart has branched out and joined in starting Font Bros, a site that sells the works of a variety of small independent foundries.
Creators of the FontFont (FF) typefaces, with over 1,700 fonts currently available. sells over 50,000 typefaces from various foundries. Also produces "FontBook", a wonderful "compendium" displaying over 25,000 typefaces. (My favorite type reference book.) The new edition will be published mid-2006.[Type Demo]  
A new independent Canadian-American foundry with an initial catalog of over 40 fonts, with quite a range of styles. The fonts are distinctive, carefully crafted, mostly stylish display, script and text faces, and quite reasonably priced. This site also includes an excellent, extensive and useful list of links to a variety of type, sign and print-related sites. Custom logo and font design are also specialties.  
This independent design shop features over 120 very reasonably priced display typefaces that would mostly fall into my Artistic, Casual and Strange categories. Ethan Dunham is the designer of all these fun typefaces.

 Font Haus

This website of FontHaus was formerly known as "DsgnHaus" and features a large selection of typefaces from various foundries. It also has "x-height magazine" an online e-zine about type. They have over 25,000 fonts available.  
Harold Lohner is the designer of all the fonts on this excellent site. He includes many fine revivals of 'lost' styles from earlier times, as well as original designs. His site provides monthly newsletters and new releases are always coming along. There are now 3 CD collections, providing over 200 fonts at very reasonable prices. He has an excellent collection of Monogram Fonts.  
Quirky, humorous, informal styles are the trademark of this imaginative firm with more than 100 type families, most with "house" in the type name. These fonts are often asked about in newsgroups. Many 'Retro' styles are included in their collection, as part of special theme packages: Bowling, Las Vegas, Hot Rods, Latino, Space, Disco and Simian Fonts. A revival of Ed Benguiat typefaces is available, including an Interlock set that has hundreds of ligatures to exploit the OpenType extended character set capabilities. Their Chalet and Neutraface collections have become very popular with advertising firms and commercial artists, judging from the number of places that these are being seen. Their fonts are only sold through their own site, and they are only sold in complete packages -- no individual font sales, which I consider a pretty restrictive policy.[Type Demo]  
Recently part of Adobe and then Getty Images, but originally an independent Canadian foundry. Their original typefaces were sold on the web at the Eyewire site that sold software, typefaces and digital images for Adobe and other type foundries and image banks. (My first font collection purchase was Image Club's Letterpress CD back in 1993.) [Note: Eyewire's font resources were bought by Agfa-Monotype, which is now selling the Image Club fonts as the exclusive distributor.]  

 Ingrimayne Type

The "No-Hype Type CD" is the work of Robert Schenk, an economics professor at St. Joe's with a passion for typefaces. His unpretentious site is all about type, and his extremely fair-priced collection of 500 original fonts for $24.95 on CD can be a good way to fill up a hard drive with well-designed fonts you won't see everyday. Igrimayne fonts are also sold by  


Provider of many of the widely used typefaces you see every day. Also includes the FONTEK designs of Esselte Letraset, with a total of over 1,500 typefaces. Their website also features their magazine "U & lc" in its online incarnation. It recently stopped producing a print version, much to my disappointment. Agfa-Monotype acquired ITC in 2000, but ITC continues to have its own website offering the entire collection of ITC/FONTEK styles.  

 International TypeFounders, Inc. (House Of Type)

Steve Jackaman's improved site has recently been renamed to House of Type. It includes complete type showings and searches by keyword, category, designer, foundry, language, and font name. Foundries represented include Red Rooster, Mecanorma, Type Revivals, Arthur Baker, Alan Meeks, Letraset, URW ++, Exploding Font Co, FontBoy, Maverick Design, Profonts, SynFonts, Wiescher Design and Prime Graphics. In addition, they have now expanded to have the major foundries, such as Adobe, Linotype, Bitstream, ITC and Monotype Imaging. They now offer over 100,000 fonts on their site.  
An Independent foundry with a beautiful graphic look to their site. This foundry specializes in revivals of some antique designs, including many beautiful pen and brush scripts. They call these fonts "Rare & Unique Fonts for the Artist" and they are all that they claim.
One of the first big names in type, still provides many of the digital typefaces used in publishing today. Over 4,500 typefaces available. Linotype has issued the "Take Type" CD collections as a way to provide new, often quirky and fun designs from their design competitions. Some are quite useful text families, but many are varied display fonts and the Take Type collections are quite reasonably priced. [Type Demo]  
The designer of 'Felt Tip Roman', one of the most widely used handwritten fonts, has a growing collection of many retro styles (especially Art Deco) and other versatile typeface designs. His fonts appeared in the "Indie Fonts 2" book, and are well worth a serious look for a wide range of uses. Two of my favorites are Mostra and Sharktooth. Mark is also a true font aficianado, helping with font identifications at the Type Identification Board forum at (A place where I hang out as well). Mark also keeps one of the better font-related blogs at the "Notebook" page on his site.

Owned by Bitstream, is making itself into a very useful font reference site, with links to Foundries and designers. A very large selection of foundries are included, and character map showings of fonts are provided -- you can even type in letters you are trying to match, and see all samples with those letters -- an excellent feature when hunting for a 'Mystery Font' (I use this site all the time when trying to find font ID matches). Of course you can buy fonts online here, and not just Bitstream's fonts by any means. They are providing a marketing forum for many type foundries of all sizes, with nearly 60,000 fonts. The ability to search their whole collection by style category, foundry, or designer, is a very useful feature, although most vendors with large collections now have this ability.

One of MyFonts resources is a feature called "What the Font?" which will attempt to identify a typeface from a graphic sample you provide. Sometimes it works quite well, I have heard, but other times the results can be way off. I think I'll stick to my own reference books and catalogs to do my "Font Spotting". (I think automated tools are not able to know as many font designs as a fanatic can recognize, or hunt down, heh, heh. I'll challenge them anytime!) [Type Demo]

Art Deco is alive and well and living at Nick's Fonts. Nick Curtis (who goes by "OldNick" when he shows up at has opened up a terrific web site with style and fun. Nick has over 100 of his earlier fonts available completely FREE! [now Nick's free fonts are at typOasis]. Most of his fonts are revivals, or re-interpretations of classic Roaring Twenties and Thirties styles and would be great headline styles to brighten up your type. Nick also has a selection of authentic old West type designs. Nick's commercial fonts are also available from ITC, Agfa and MyFonts.  

P22 Type Foundry

A foundry with a specialty for reproducing handwriting fonts of famous artists, like Cezanne, Monet, DaVinci, and VanGogh. Also revivals of historic design styles, such as Art & Crafts. Also sold through Eyewire. Site also features extensive "Font Pavilion" collections of Japanese fonts, many of which are futuristic/hi-tech styles using the Western alphabet. The International House of Fonts (IHOF) with designs from around the world can also be found on P22's Home page. They have recently added the important works of The Lanston Type Company, which has digitized some of the works of Frederic W. Goudy, one of the great American type designers. Also includes the Sherwood Type Collection with the beautiful works of Ted Staunton, many quite calligraphic, and some re-creations of historic styles.[Type Demo]  
A fun website to visit. It has one of the largest collections of Foundries and Typefaces of any vendor, with over 75 foundries and 100,000 typefaces. Berthold, Font Bureau, Red Rooster and many other type foundries are sold through Phil's, including the ITF coalition.  

 Precision Type

One of the first places I bought typefaces, with one of the most varied selections anywhere, from many foundries, including Intecsas, Franklin Type Foundry and the Font Company. Also produced an excellent Font Reference Guide, which can still be found in used book stores. [This site is no longer selling fonts (Aug 2004)]  


This is the place for Fantasy fonts, and rare, antique, beautiful and mystical looking type. Over 400 typefaces, many revived from old catalogs, and some beautiful and distinctive-looking Script styles can be found here. David F. Nalle, the site's creator and principal designer, shows his love for the artistic side of typography with the site's heavy emphasis on Art Nouveau, Calligraphy and other classic lettering styles. Many decorative initials and artistic dingbats are also found here, and new fonts are always being added.  
The hand-lettered look is back and this site combines the work of a group of lettering artists to offer a wide range of sign lettering fonts. They call it "Sign Design by Sign People". While the majority of the styles are flowing brush & pen scripts, there are also hand-printed styles, Western looks and even bold headline types and 3-D chiseled lettering. There are over 100 fonts available here and there is bound to be something for almost every lettering application.
[See Art and Sign Studio]
Frantisek Storm is a designer from the Czech Republic who has designed fonts sold by ITC and others. His own foundry sells over 490 fonts, covering a range of classical and new distinctive typeface designs. His fonts are also available at
An Argentinian foundry co-founded by Alejandro Paul, Ariel Garofalo, Claudio Pousada and Diego Giaccone, this foundry specializes in handrawn script fonts, most of them by Ale Paul. One of his accomplishments is the revival in digital form of the Bluemlein Script Collection of handwriting fonts. Many of Paul's fonts are done in collaboration with gifted calligrapher Angel Koziupa. Links on this site to buy fonts take you to's Umbrella Type pages. Sudtipos fonts are also available at, and FontBros.  

[T-26]  Digital Type Foundry

Another independent type foundry that prides itself on unusual and creative typefaces. With relatively few conventional non-display faces, [T-26] has a large, distinctive collection of Techno, Grunge and Experimental faces. Their collection is well over 1,600 typefaces, with literally something for every taste and graphic style. Some amazing antique handwriting fonts seem totally out of character here, but give some idea of scope of this foundry's collection.[Type Demo]  


Joe Treacy, the principal designer of the fonts on this site, was one of the first font designers I ever spoke with, and it was like meeting a movie star for me. He actually called me up to make sure a typeface I ordered reached me OK, as he was just starting to use font delivery by e-mail. Treacyfaces has a large and varied selection of Joe's designs and those of a design group called Headliners. Some of his fonts were also sold by other suppliers, like Agfa-Monotype, but now seem to be available only at the Treacyfaces site. [Type Demo]  
This small foundry specializes in antique handwriting fonts, but also features more contemporary handwriting and printing styles. There is a small selection of other styles as well, including works of Jack Yan & Assoc, Patricia Lillie and Lars Bergquist. The principal collection is the work of Brian Willson, a handwriting aficianado.


This free download font site features the works of about 25 font designers, including CybaPee, the site's creator. Others include Graham Meade, Manfred Klein, Nick Curtis's old freeware fonts, the Apostrophic Lab, Rick Mueller and Dieter Steffmann. The site is beautifully designed and allows selecting works by theme and designer or by using the "Fontennium". Font news and links are updated, but the site changes as CybaPee's time is available. It is a very generous and inspiring effort for all of us 'fontaholics'. Be advised that sometimes this site may be hard to open -- I think it gets more traffic than it can handle.  
This independent type foundry based in The Hague, Netherlands, is the primary site for the work of Peter Bil'ak, designer of the extremely versatile Fedra family of fonts, which includes Fedra Sans, Fedra Serif A, Fedra Serif B and Fedra Mono. There are also Display versions and condensed versions of Fedra Sans and Fedra Serif. In all, there are currently 100 typefaces in this extended family. The award-winning font family Jigsaw, by Johanna Bil'ak-Balusikova is also available here. Typotheque fonts are also sold through and FontShop. [Type Demo]


An independent type foundry now in Fairfield, Connecticut, with a large collection of type families of original (if mostly conventional) design. These fonts are all the work of Victor de Castro, and many of his designs show a very strong calligraphic influence. Unifonts was formerly known as Unitype (which explains the 'UT' suffix in most font names here) and has more than 1,100 typefaces. Most of the attractive and highly legible typefaces come in families of 6 or 8 weights, include lining and Old Style Figure (OSF) variations (though not all of these are shown on the website), and most are suitable for text or display use when you want your look to be different , but not too different. The 6-font Unipacks are a great bargain way to add some of these fonts to your collection. Custom font design is available, as well as a website design service, called Unidesign. [Type Demo]  


A large and varied type resource company based in Germany. In addition to being one of the font digitizing pioneers, who market their own adaptations of many familiar and classic typefaces, URW also sells Red Rooster fonts, as well as the Dutch Type Library (DTL) fonts, some of the most expensive and precisely-crafted text types available. URW's fonts are also sold by Agfa-Monotype, FontShop and MyFonts in the U.S. [Type Demo]  
A relatively new multi-foundry vendor, Veer sells what they call 'visual elements', which includes images as well as fonts. Foundries whose fonts are sold include: Adobe, Alias, Atomic Media, Device, Fountain, Jukebox is a Veer exclusive (formerly JAW Fonts, of our friend Jason Walcott), Letraset/Fontek, Red Rooster, Shinn Type and Umbrella Type (Veer Exclusive), a new assembly of talented designers from around the world. Veer is a site with a strong Script collection, including designs by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos. [Type Demo]

 Jack Yan & Associates

A New Zealand-based design company which currently offers a small number families of "elegant, timeless typefaces", including some of my personal favorites. They also offer custom-designed typefaces. Their fonts are also sold at Type Quarry, MyFonts and Agfa-Monotype.  

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