You need to consider your reasons for wanting to have a web site. The best use of a web site is to reach people anywhere, all the time, with information you wouldnít want to e-mail to so many people.

Itís especially useful, when you donít even know the people who might be interested in what you want to say, such as potential customers, or people who may have similar interests.

Some reasons for you to have a web presence are so that you can say:

Iím here! And this is who I am.

Hereís what I know

Hereís what Iím interested in, are you?

Hereís what I can do

Hereís where Iíve been

Hereís where Iím going

Hereís something you might like

Hereís something to think about

Iím having fun

Date of this page version: 22 Apr 2003