This is where your planning gets put into action, and you start fleshing out your ideas and information for your visitors.

Try to have an outline to keep yourself on track to cover all you really want to say.

Use a grid/table structure to keep your elements looking organized

Get something down on your page to start, and then EDIT, EDIT, and EDIT some more.

Think about whether images or other media will enhance your words and make your site more interesting.

Make sure you credit your sources for any material you use that isnít free/public domain. Get permission to reproduce material. Respect Copyrights.

Donít plagiarize the work of others. Use quotes and cite the sources, if the words arenít your own.

Use a Copyright © Date on your own pages if you donít want your original work being copied freely.

Include navigation links, at least to your HOME page.

Consider using horizontal lines or spaces to help your visitors separate parts of a page.


Date of this page version: 23 Apr 2003