Artistic Faces

These typefaces can look like almost anything. They have been designed to be noticed and to convey a style. They are usually called "Display" faces in type catalogs and encyclopedias, because they are used in signs, captions, labels, titles and other places that are intended to be eye-catching.

I have somewhat arbitrarily divided Display faces into all of my style categories, except Formal, because I think that helps make it easier to choose faces that fit your needs. I realize that sometimes my idea of "Artistic" might be your idea of "Strange", because style is quite a subjective thing, but I think this way of sorting type styles will help more people find what they are looking for.

To me, Artistic faces are those Display typefaces that are relatively easy to read and obviosly designed to have a distinct style. The "style" may be from a time period (like Victorian, or the Old West), or may be representative of a culture (like English, Irish or African), or may be a "gimmicky" design that imitates manufactured lettering (See Chromium, as an example), or may just try to evoke an attitude, feeling, or mood. There is usually nothing random, or uncontrolled about them, such as in the handwritten lettering found in most of the "Casual" faces, and they have more conventional letterforms than the faces I have called "Elegant", or "Strange".

Remember, I always have (many) more typefaces than I can show here. If you see something you like in one of these STYLES, I can always send you more examples of that style.

Use the underlined links below to navigate between samples
of the various Styles (just remember FACES):

Formal, Artistic, Casual, Elegant, and Strange.

 Artistic Typefaces (in alphabetical order)















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