More Spice Jar Label Type Samples

Here are some more samples of typefaces you can choose to use for your labels. Remember any font you see used on ANY of my web pages can be used. If you know the name of another font you like, just ask. Chances are good that I have it. That's why the motto here is:

These labels are printed in laser black 'ink' (for water resistance) on the label style of your choice (See Label Styles & Prices here). I use a basic set of 60 labels, listed below as the type samples.

You select the type style that matches your personality and kitchen, and tell me if there are any labels you need in addition for your set. You can even substitute for spices in my list - you can't get more customized service than that!

You can even have your labels in another language, just by providing the list of spice names for me to use. (Language must use Latin/Roman alphabet. Most fonts include German ß, as well.)

The prices are shown on the Order Form and the Label Styles page (For $1.00/sheet labels can be printed in the Vertical style, on this page of samples), and I pay the postage within the U.S. (Foreign customers are asked to pay the difference in postage, for mailing outisde the U.S.)

Label Styles and Prices

This photo shows a silver foil spice label set using Rennie Mackintosh type, sent in by a customer in Kingston, Tasmania, Australia. Send us photos of your Bowfin Spice set in use. You may see it here, or on the Bowfin Printworks Facebook page.

Border Designs Too - For Larger Labels

In response to requests for additional decorative elements for these custom spice labels, I have added a selection of 24 border designs. They are not suitable for the Regular size labels, but the Medium and larger sizes have enough room to allow adding the borders. Click here to see the selection of Border designs.


They make a wonderful gift!

To order, just use the easy Order Form, or else send an e-mail to with your selection of label style (round or rectangular), the type style (font) you want them printed in (and please note if you want all lettering the same size - normally I adjust the size of type on each label to give the largest lettering that fits), any additions or changes to my basic list and your mailing address where I will send your labels. You can pay by check or money order after your labels arrive.

(Actual labels are printed without the typeface names in the lower right, just in case you were wondering. All labels in the set use the same typeface, unless you specify otherwise. Normally, the type size is adjusted to provide the largest lettering that will fit, so Basil will have larger lettering than Garlic Powder, but if you want all lettering the same size, let me know.)

NEW! Did you ever wonder what to do with some of those exotic spices and ingredients? Check out our new Spice Use List for an expanded list of spices and other cooking ingredients and what they are often used for in cooking.


















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NEW! See Whimsical Spice Label Samples


Round Spice Jar Labels


These are samples of the round Spice Jar Labels that we can also print for you. They are white,1-2/3" in diameter (so these may not be actual size) and you can select any of the same typefaces. They only come 24 to a sheet, and so I sell them for $5.00 for the first 24 labels and $3.00 for each additional sheet of up to 24 labels that you need. (That means my basic Spice Label set of 60 labels - with 12 blank spares - would cost $11.00. A set of the Clear** round labels would be $14.00, for three sheets of 24 labels with 12 blanks; and the new OptiClear would be $20.00, for three sheets of 24 labels, with 12 blanks. The new OptiClear labels are 1.62" in diameter.)

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Vertical Spice Labels

Here is another label option for you:









Not every style works well this way, but usually ALL CAPS is best, whichever font you choose. Narrower fonts (like Nyx) also seem better for those labels that may need 2 or 3 lines, but I can squeeze or shrink the letters if necessary to improve legibility.

El Grande
Dingle Hopper
These are just a few examples of how vertical labels would look in different typefaces.

date of this page version: 6 January 2015

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