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The following list identifies all the Script fonts from the Script Font Reference List which still do not have a sample to illustrate them in the Script Font Identification Guide. If you have one of these fonts in your collection and would like to contribute a new sample for the Guide, please e-mail me . Also, let me know if you need the Sample Template, or if you need help in generating a sample with your software.

I owe a great debt of thanks to the many generous sample donors without whom this Guide could not have been assembled as quickly, or as completely. In fact, without their support and encouragement this Guide might not have been started in the first place.

Original Name Designer Year Aliases (look-alikes)/[Notes]:
Ballerina (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Baltimore Script Tommy Thompson 1955
Caravan (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Corsica (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Cut-Out (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Deliscript Slant (UMT) Michael Dorets 2009
Deliscript Upright (UMT) Michael Dorets 2009
Fresco Script (OurType) Fred Smeijers 2005?
Greyletter (TF) Joseph Treacy 2003?
Hiatus (UMT) Stephen Rapp ?
Lattino (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Madeira (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Maracaibo (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Montague Script (UMT) Stephen Rapp ?
Mundo (TO) Estudio Mariscal 1996-7
Picador (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Raniscript (UMT) Stephen Rapp ?
Safari (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Talqual (TO) Joan Barjau 1997
Toreador (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?
Valentine (TF) Joseph Treacy 2004?

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