Script Font Identification Guide

Status as of 4 December 2015 (1147 Pacific Time)

Listed Fonts
Unlisted HW* Fonts
Font Samples Currently Shown in Guide
3, 062
(Percentage of Final Expected Number of Font Samples)
Font Samples to be made - Other donors or sources needed (See WANTED List)
19 (1.2%)
Final Expected Number of Font Samples Shown in Guide

* HW fonts are "Handwritten Fonts" from ClickArt CD (1995), and now sold as part of the "ClickArt Fonts 4" font collection by These are all shown in the Guide (mostly in Part 11), but are unlisted in the Script Font Reference List because no designers are known, except for 'Bowfin' font, which is my own hand printing, and one other. See the HW Fonts Alias List for more information about unauthorized copies that have been distributed.

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