Script Font Identification Guide

Part 9 - CASUAL Category
Everyday Handwriting

These are script fonts that are made to look like anyone's everyday handwriting, and not something created by an artist or calligrapher. They may even be fonts made from handwriting samples. They may be flowing or partially flowing, but they will have letterforms more like writing than printing.
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(just remember FACES ) of the various Style Groups :

Formal, Artistic, Casual, Elegant, and Strange.

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Casual Flowing Script, Casual Non-flowing Script, Everyday Handwriting,
Antique Handwriting, Everyday Hand Printing, Childish Lettering

Everyday Handwriting
"See 'fontname' " is used below image to indicate the true font name referenced in the Script Font Reference List

Mr Sopkin

Mr Dafoe

Mrs Blackfort

Mrs St-Delafield

Miss Lankfort

Mr Blaketon

Mr Canfields

Mr Sheffield

Mr Rafkin

Mr Sheppards

Mrs Von Eckley

Dr Carbfred

Dr Sugiyama

Herr Von Mueller



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