Script Font Identification Guide

Part 3 - FORMAL Category

These script fonts are easily recognizable from diplomas and certificates. The rigidly formed letters are designed to reflect deliberate, meticulous, careful workmanship and attention to detail. Legibility is a secondary consideration. German Fraktur styles are included in this group. (Lombardic, 'Mediaeval', Celtic and Uncial styles, which are usually included in Blackletter, I have put under Part 4, Artistic -Calligraphic Lettering. My reason is that they are much less rigid in their formation, and therefore do not quite fit the "Formal" stylistic Category. Some ambiguous designs may be in both Categories.

Use the underlined links below to navigate between major script font Categories
(just remember FACES ) of the various Style Groups :

Formal, Artistic, Casual, Elegant, and Strange.

Use the underlined links below to navigate between Style Groups of the Formal Category:

Formal Flowing Script, Formal Non-flowing Script, and Blackletter

"See 'fontname' " is used below image to indicate the true font name referenced in the Script Font Reference List

Based on lettering of Aeolian Organ company; Font formerly called 'Cabaletta'

See Engraver's Text



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