Script Font Identification Guide

Part 2 - FORMAL Category
Formal Non-flowing Script

These script fonts are somewhat more relaxed and easier to read than the formal flowing scripts, as there is no consistent linking of the lower case letters. Letterforms are quite regular, but they are usually more like text italics than the flowing script letterforms.

Use the underlined links below to navigate between major script font Categories
(just remember FACES ) of the various Style Groups :

Formal, Artistic, Casual, Elegant, and Strange.

Use the underlined links below to navigate between Style Groups of the Formal Category:

Formal Flowing Script, Formal Non-flowing Script, and Blackletter

Formal Non-flowing Script
"See 'fontname' " is used below image to indicate the true font name referenced in the Script Font Reference List

(a.k.a. Garton)

(Compare to Announcement Roman, by M. F. Benton, above. Odette has a range of swashes and alternates not shown here.)

Based on 'Rondine' by Alessandro Butti

Compare to Boulevard on Page 2


This is the Italic Swash, including alternates, from the Arno Pro serif text family

This David Rakowski's revival of 'Troubadour Open', designed for Haas in 1931 by E. Thiele. Also known as 'Gracia', 'Donatello' and 'Hertha'.

Based on 'Stylescript' by Sol Hess (1940)



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