Baseball Scoresheets

It's that time of year again, and I can hardly wait to get out to the ballpark and capture my own piece of baseball history. I like to have a simple scoresheet, with space for me to write notes about pinch runners, pinch hitters, and special plays. I also like to make notes about who had Homers, RBI's, Wins, Losses, Saves and other noteworthy "datapoints". Then I see how many that makes for the season, or even for the player's career. Now I have a snapshot of a point in that player's career that I can look back on years after he has retired. "See, here was the game when I saw Whats-s-name hit his third career Homer, and he ended up with 203!" Stuff like that only a baseball fan would care about, but it's a bit of baseball history, one point in about twenty careers is in each entry on each sheet. Anyhow, that's how I enjoy thinking about it.

I have designed a simple, "plain vanilla" 8-1/2" X 11" scoresheet that lets you add what you care about. I sell them in pads of 50 sheets, printed on one side (so you have plenty of space for notes on the back). The price is $7.00 per pad, not including postage. Here's a reduced look what each sheet is like:

If you like a more complex scoresheet, a different page layout, or would like them printed with your favorite team's name and/or your own name (in your choice of type), I have other designs which I sell as looseleaf pages, not bound in pads. Just let me know what you want on your scoresheets, and how many you want. You can preview your page on a temporary webpage for your approval before printing. (Price: $7.50 for 50 sheets; $10 for 100 sheets, not including postage).

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