Scene of the Crime  

Your walls were supposed to enclose love
and shut out all our fears.
Instead you closed us in with him,
and trapped us there for years.

Momma thought he was what she deserved.
Her father thought so too.
We deserved her to fight for us,
not to help him keep us there in you.

Why was a house the only thing he really loved?
Getting care we should have had.
Who would ever believe your beauty
hid something so dark and bad?

You protected him with your spotless paint,
while keeping in our cries.
You were the face he showed the world,
the stately emblem of his lies.

Finally, we learned their rules were false,
and we told someone who knew
that there were laws protecting us
from what was happening in you.

Forty years have passed since then.
Sadly, I’ve outlived them all.
I overcame my past to see this day;
to watch your vile structure fall.






© 2009  Michael Yanega
20 April 2009






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