Green spearheaded leaves
point like weathervanes in the morning wind.
Red-faced white ibis wade in the weeds
probing the bottom with their long, curved bills.
White egrets lean into the wind, feathers ruffling.
Perched on their black stilt legs they scan
for a ripple the wind didn’t make.
Flights of ducks swirl in the air,
turning with the gusts
until they land in the shallow open water.
Calmly, amid this activity, stride the jaçanas,
walking on the water hyacinths
on feet with impossibly long, thin toes
which spread their slight weight
on the floating leaves.
The bobbing jaçanas also seem to float,
tiptoeing among the fluttering lavender flowers.
They hunt with sharp eyes
and sharper beaks
for their next meal.


© 2008  Michael Yanega
27 October 2008





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