Who needs them?
I have my books,
my radio,
my computer,
 and my TV.
People can’t be trusted.

My apartment
faces the park.
I used to go there
after Mom died.
We always loved
watching the birds
and plants
change with the
I could imagine
she was still there
with me.

I stopped going
when that gang
beat me up
and robbed me.

Now I use my binoculars
to see the life
in the park.
I can play my music
on my radio
and see the birds.
I just can’t hear them.

I work from home
on my computer.
I find problems
in the new software,
and I help
when the Help files

They hired me for this job
when I kept finding
and telling them
how to fix them.

I like this job
better than the one
in the office.
Those other programmers
took credit
for my ideas,
and took my stuff
off my desk,
because they knew
it drove me

I stopped watching
the news.
It was too frightening.
It seemed like
Mom was right.
People are no good.
I think she said it
because of my dad,
but my history books
give plenty of support
for that viewpoint.

I watch nature shows
and read books about nature.
Novels got me too
I didn’t know
which characters
and emotions
I could believe.
So much of it
made me feel sad
and alone.
Science Fiction is safer –
I’ll never meet aliens.

* * *

Three days ago
something happened.
I was watching some
Wilson’s warblers
in the park,
and I saw a girl
get attacked.
They came up behind her
and grabbed her bag.
Then they pulled her
towards some bushes.
I called 911
and grabbed a bat
and ran down to the park.

I got there
as they were starting to
pull away her clothes.
I hit two of them
before they took away my bat.
The police arrived
just as I lost consciousness.

I have a fractured skull,
 a broken arm,
and some cracked ribs.
They are keeping me
in the hospital
until some of the swelling
goes down.
Ellen has visited me
every day.



© 2008 Michael Yanega
15  December 2008







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