Idol Worship  


Week after week we watch them;
see them humiliated and sent home crying.
We imagine we know them,
because part of us is in them.
They are us, if we could master our fear
of failure and ridicule.
The early weeks give us the thrill
of seeing others make fools of themselves.
We are waiting to see the talent shine through,
but many of us enjoy the feeling
of power that they must have felt
in the coliseum
turning thumbs up or down.

oh so rarely,
one of them,
if we’re really lucky,
will have a gift
that transforms them
and transfixes us
in a flare of light and passion.
And we sit in stunned amazement
with tears running down our faces,
wondering how a person can do that to us,
and counting the days
until they do it again.



© 2009  Michael Yanega
12 April 2009





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