Cabin Life


I was built 33 years ago
By a craftsman named
Graydon Robertson.
He and Carol came out
And stayed in me
With their kids
And grandkids
(Mostly in winter)
For twenty-four years.
They called me
Snow Cabin.
They parked two snowmobiles
In my basement.
They played games,
Made wonderful-smelling soup,
And lots of cocoa.
I was empty for many weeks,
But the life when they came
Was enough to fill me
Until they came again.
Soon I had a tribe of bats
That lived in my shake roof;
And there had always been squirrels,
Jays, chickadees, and nuthatches,
So I was never really alone.

Three of my eight sides
Are sliding glass doors
That see out
Through the deck railing,
Over the steep hillside
Filled with firs and pines,
Across the valley
To the Entiat mountains.
The Chiwawa and Wenatchee rivers
Murmur a gentle duet
With the wind songs
Of the trees.
This makes my quiet times
Filled with beauty for me
As I wait
For their return.

For the past nine years
A new family has come
– Mike and Denise.
They love me too.
They gave me a new metal roof
And an efficient new stove.
There isn’t as much room for bats,
But there are still some
To eat the mosquitoes
In summer.

They fitted my railings with lattice
So their beagles wouldn’t jump off
Whenever they saw a squirrel,
Or another dog.
I was given three new
Bird feeders.
They gave me new speakers
And a CD player.
Now I get to hear classical music
And something called New Age.
I like the feel of it;
It suits me and my surroundings,
And resonates well
On all my wood paneling.
In the last couple of years
Mike brought a satellite radio
That transmits to my old receiver.
Now I don’t have to hear
Those annoying commercials.
Now I hear baseball too.

They brought their kids
And their friends.
I can feel how they all love me,
And it makes up for
The empty times,
Which are longer
With this family.
I try to remember
Some of the new music
And hum it to the birds.

Last year I sat empty
For more than six months.
I kept my furnace on,
Just enough to keep warm,
But I was worried.
Did something happen to them?
I need people to love me
And take care of me.
For the first time
I began to feel lonely.

Then in the midst of summer
They came back.
This time they brought
A new person
With their daughter,
To meet me –
A little one called Sofia,
Their first grandchild.
I could feel how happy
They all were.
It’s been a long time
Since I had babies in me.
I can’t wait to see
Her grow up,
And see how much fun
She has each time
She visits me.

Life is wonderful.



© 2008 Michael Yanega
16  December 2008






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