I Think I'd Better Get Up

What's that noise?
Oh, it's just the kids.
It sounds like something breaking!
I think I'd better get up.

Now what's that sound?
Oh, it's just some lids.
But what a racket they're making!
I think I'd better get up.

What's that I smell?
Oh, just something cooking.
But honey, it smells like smoke!
I think I'd better get up.

Why won't you let me go?
You shouldn't be looking.
Is this some kind of joke?
I think I'd better ... Happy Mother's Day!!

© 1978 Michael Yanega



It's Saturday morning and time for my shows;
The best time all week, as any kid knows.
I woke up real early so I wouldn't miss one.
Watching cartoons all morning is my kind of fun.
If you bring me my pancakes, I'll give you a smile,
But I'll scream and get violent if you dare touch that dial!

© 1979 Michael Yanega


Going To The Store

We're going to the store again;
Whatever we're doing must stop.
Gotta get our shoes and coats on and then
We all rush off in the car to go shop.

So for hours there's nothing to do,
Except follow wherever they go.
And if we want to buy something too,
All we get is a frown and a "No!"

Some day when we all are grown
We won't want to take it any more.
Some day we'll have kids of our own
And we'll tell them "Let's go to the store".

© 1979 Michael Yanega


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