The Sunrise Poems

These poems (one was written as prose for Bruce) were written upon viewing various episodes of the wonderful High Definition TV show called "Sunrise Earth" on the Discovery HD Theater channel. Each episode contains nearly a full, uninterrupted, hour of environmental views, and ambient sounds, from a beautiful spot on the earth as the day begins. I can't emphasize enough how calming and restorative these shows are for me, and how inspiring they have been for my writing.

You may say, "But these are just TV shows. You weren't actually there." My answer to that is to ask you what any experience contains for you, and leaves in your mind. Just because I was missing the sense of touch and smell from these experiences does not mean that they weren't rich and moving as they happened for me. My way of experiencing these moments and choosing what to retain from them is just as valid, I think, as if I had gone to each of them. Certainly it was cheaper.



Sea Elephants


Angkor Ants


Morning Moose

Inside Passage

Lamar Valley


Cloud Forest Owl

Li River Fishers

Punta Tombo Penguins
A prose piece based on a Sunrise Earth episode, with added background material.
For Bruce, who thinks I should write prose, instead of my 'prosetry'.

Cambodian Temple


Polynesian Sunrise

Moab Dawn



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