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In early 2008 I joined the Saltwater Writers group at the Saltwater Unitarian Church in Des Moines, Washington. Roughly a dozen writers meet each week to do a writing exercise and share whatever they are working on. We provide feedback and suggestions, if they are requested, and encourage and support each other in our writing, whatever form it takes. I have been very encouraged by their reactions to my poetry, and have written many new pieces (most of it poetry) that I am including in the links below. All of this writing was done since joining the group.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to the other Saltwater Writers for their generous and constructive comments about my writing. They have inspired me to return to writing and to keep searching for new subjects and ways to express them through my poetry, prose and "prosetry".

My personal thanks to Bruce, Debra, Eva, Joan, Barbara, Jerry, Tom, Romana, John, Gean, and others who have attended our weekly meetings, for your acceptance and encouragement of my work. You all help make Wednesday mornings a highlight of my week.


The Sunrise Poems
(Poetry inspired by episodes of "Sunrise Earth" from Discovery Channel HD Theater)


The Labelmaker

Sunset Cliff

Elegy for Evelyn

Virtual Golfer

Urban Coyotes

Walking the Old Guy
(Toby's Poem)


(My interpretation of "Say Not The Struggle Naught Availeth" by Arthur Hugh Clough)


To the Cleaner

Eagle and Crows


Darwin's Dream

Imagined Lives
(A story poem in three parts)

(Celebrating baseball playoff teams)



The Phoenix Race


Day Stew

Cabin Life


Woman in the Woods

Man in the Loop

Winter Fog


Compassion for a Dead Cat

Near the Path

New and Old

Freeway Convoy

Idol Worship

Scene of the Crime


You Still Sing


This Doesn't Happen Every Day

Crossword Puzzles

Free Range Chicken Wrangler



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If you want to know more about the person behind these pages.

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