Something's Out There!


On a planet

In their capsule

Two Explorers

Hear a bump.

SOMEthing's out there!


In their bedroom

With the door closed

Sleep is shaken

By a thump.

Something's out THERE!


Above the snowline

In a tent

Climbers hear

A sound a storm just doesn't make.

SomeTHING'S out there!


In a cabin

They all see it


In the trees down by the lake.

Something's out THERE!


While in warp drive

On a starship

The sensors find

A follower

Something's OUT there!


Tired eyes

Scanning the water

See a fin that means

A swallower.

SomeTHING'S out there!


In your mind

Behind closed eyelids

You are

Aware that

Something IS out there!


© 1986 Michael Yanega



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