Large Perpetual Calendar Sample

This sample shows what your large Perpetual Calendar can look like (minus the frame that you also provide). We provide the drawings and measurements for creating this mat frame made to fit a standard 16 x 20 inch picture frame. You choose the calendar page typestyle you want and we print the calendar pages.

There are 8-1/2 x 11 inch and 8 x 10 inch models also available, which don't need the special slip-in mat design. They're a great fit for a shelf or desktop.

A great gift! 

Your favorite magazine cover (or scanned art, photo, whatever) slides in place from the back of the frame without removing the whole back of the frame.

(This cover is the copyrighted property of the New Yorker Magazine, July 1991, and is shown for sample purposes only.)

The perpetual calendar inserts (in your favorite typestyle -- ours is set in Sassafras this month) also slide in place the same way. Just slip in the new calendar sheets each month, and change the cover or artwork when you want. (There are 12 Month sheets and 28 Weekly calendar sheets -- 7 each for months of 28, 29, 30 or 31 days -- so you always have the right calendar no matter what day of the week the month starts).
This is possible because of the our design for the mat which installs inside the frame, with its own image-holding brackets that let you replace each insert from the back of the frame without taking everything out of the frame.

The price for this mat design and one set of Perpetual Calendar insert sheets is only $9 (includes shipping). Additional typestyle sets of calendar insert sheets are $6 each (plus postage, if ordered separately). If you don't need the large mat design to accommodate a picture, then see the simpler desk calendar designs, which use the same calendar insert sets.

Pay by check or money order only when your order arrives.

To order your Bowfin Printworks Perpetual Calendar 16 x20 mat design and insert set(s), e-mail your mailing address and your typestyle choice (for each insert set, if you are ordering more than one set of Calendar inserts).

Click here to e-mail your mat design/calendar insert order (Please specify typestyle(s))

 Date of this page version 23 Jun 2004

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