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This Script Font Reference List accompanies the Script Font Identification Guide. It provides the original (true) name of the typefaces (using quotes if this is uncertain); the Part(s) of the Script Font Identification Guide that display the typeface; the designer(s) of the typeface; and when it was designed (if known). It also provides at least one identifier for a source of this font, if one is known. It also contains any Alias names used for other versions of this typeface. [Special thanks to Claude and 'rememberbooks' for much of this information.] Last, but surely not least, it lists the people who contributed the samples used in the Guide. [If this column is blank it means a sample is still needed.]

I want to most sincerely thank all those who contributed information, encouragement and especially samples for this project.

List Structure This alphabetical Script Font Reference List is divided into multiple web pages in order to help reduce the time needed for page loading.

Each page has the identical structure and contains links to:
- Other pages of the List,
- A tab-delimited text version of this List for importing to a spreadsheet program,
- The Script Font Identification Guide,
- Reference Books used,
- A List of Font Provider Codes,
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Missing Font Samples

** Help Needed**

When the column for Font Sample Supplied by is blank it means I am still looking for a sample for this typeface. If you have this font in your collection, I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide a sample I could include in the Script Font ID Guide.

There is a collection of all the missing Script Font samples in the WANTED List.

The sample format can be seen in the guide. The most important goal is to show all the letters of the font, but if you use the wording of the majority of samples you will have each Upper case letter and numeral once and each lower case letter at least twice. A drawing program like Illustrator, Freehand, Canvas or Corel Draw can be used to make .gifs of font samples. These are best, because you can control the content and size, but a scanned sample will do, especially if it shows the complete font.

The preferred sample size is approximately 350-375 pixels wide, and apprx. 80-120 pixels high, so that two samples can fit on a line. If the font is only legible at a larger size that is OK, but my goal is to keep page loading times shorter by using smaller sample files.

I have done my best to make the information in this List accurate, but if you find errors, or can provide missing information, please send me an e-mail. I welcome corrections, comments and suggestions.

Original Name Font Sample Supplied by In Script ID Guide (Part) Designer Year Aliases (look-alikes)/[Notes]:
Quaint Roman (AG) M. Yanega
Gustav F. Schroeder 1895
Quasi (Har) M. Yanega
Harold Lohner 1998 [Based on font 'Quasi Japanese']
Quasimodo (A*I) Yves 3 Manfred Klein 1993
Quattr'occhi (TB) elaine
5, 7, 14
Anne Morelli 1995
Queen Empress (Oasis) M. Yanega
4, 6
Paul Lloyd (M.F. Benton) 2002 (1915) [Digitiization of 'Motto', designed for ATF in 1915. Note that 'z' is not from 'Motto'. Free at typOasis designer pages]
Queen Empress Capitals (Oasis) M. Yanega
4, 6
Paul Lloyd 2002 [Development of 'Motto' by M. F. Benton. Free at typOasis designer pages]
Queensland (Scr) M. Yanega 10 David F. Nalle 1997
QuickMary (Oasis) M. Yanega Manfred Klein 2004
QuickTypes (Oasis) P. Etz
11, 12
Manfred Klein 2004
QuigleyWiggly (NC) M. Yanega 7 Nick Curtis 2000 [revival of Holly Script]
Quill (FF) J. Callaghan/Anonymous2
5, 6
Manfred Klein 1994
Quill Pen Script (Solo) Claude
(E & F Gyles - London) c.1890 Bonnard (CG/FLF)
Quill Script (AG) M. Yanega 2 Tommy Thompson 1952
Quiller (CT) Anastas
4, 8
Rebecca Alaccari (Joachim J. Siercke) 2005 (1966) [Canada Type revival of 'Privat']
Quiller Swash (CT) Anastas
4, 13
Rebecca Alaccari (Joachim J. Siercke 2005 (1966) [Canada Type revival based on alternate initials from 'Privat']
Quixley (Let) M. Yanega 4, 6 Vince Whitlock 1991
Quixotte (Lab) M. Yanega
Graham Meade 2002 [free at]
Race Car Casual (DNA) Anonymous2
Dave Simpson (Ed Lipphardt) 1999
Raceway (FB) J. Callaghan/Anonymous2
5, 7
Leslie Cabarga 1995
Rad Zad (Icon) M. Yanega
Dan Zadorozny 2000
Radiante (GF) elaine 10, 14 Rodney S. Fehsenfeld 1993 [a.k.a. Radiant or Raydiant Script (GF)]
Radio (TH) [M. Rakeng website graphic] 7 Magnus Rakeng ? [Comes in 3 weights]
Rafa (Pixilate) M. Yanega Kemie Guaida 2001 free at
Rage Italic (Let) M. Yanega 7 Ron Zwingelberg 1984
RaggMopp (NC) M. Yanega
Nick Curtis 2000
Rambler Script (Juke) J. A. Walcott 7 Jason A. Walcott 2002
Rana (LL) M. Yanega 6 Hans-Jürgen Ellenberger 1996
Randisious (FH) M. Yanega 11, 12 Ethan Dunham, Wes Rand 1996
Randumhouse (HI) M. Yanega
5, 14
Allen Mercer 1994
Ranunculus (Terr) [ graphic]
6, 11
Carl Crossgrove ? [comes in several weights]
Rap Jack (PD) M. Yanega 11, 14 Jakob Fischer 2003
Rapier (Let) M. Yanega 7 Martin Wait 1989
Rapscallion (CK) M. Yanega 3 Ryan Splint 2003 [free at]
Rasp' (Wsi) P. Etz 14 ? 1997
Rastko (IT) M. Yanega 2 Olivera Stojadinovic 2000
Rats (FB) J. Callaghan 11, 14 Jean Evans 1997
Rats Alt. (FB) J. Callaghan 11, 14 Jean Evans 1997
Rattlescript (FF) Apostrophe
5, 6, 11
Marten Thavenius 2000
Ravie (FB) J. Callaghan/Anonymous2
Ken O'Brien 1993-4
Razor Bill (RR) M. Yanega
5, 6
Steve Jackaman 1997
Razor Keen (RL) M. Yanega 14 Ray Larabie 1997
Read My Hand (LL) M. Yanega 11 Leon Hulst 1996 [Also has Bold weight]
Reasonist (T26) elaine 6 Rian Hughes ?
Rebecca (Har) M. Yanega
9, 11
Harold Lohner 2002 [based on handwriting shown in movie 'Rebecca']
Rebuffed (Gem) M. Yanega 14 Graham Meade 2000 [Freeware at TypOasis; also see 'Buffied']
Rechtman (Oasis) M. Yanega
David Rakowski (E. Thiele) 1992 (1931) [Revival of Troubadour Open, designed by E. Thiele for Haas in 1931, based on earlier Wagner & Schmidt design from 1926. Original Troubadour design was solid, also came in Bold solid weight.]
Red Sable (LHF) [Letterhead Fonts graphics]
Arthur Vanson ?
Redonda (IT) mamasmurf 1 G. Mariscalchi 1998 Arabesco, Gessele (See also French Script, Gando & Typo Upright (Linoscript))
Redonda Fancy (IT) mamasmurf 1, 13 G. Mariscalchi 1998
Redrum (CK) M. Yanega 14 B.J. Harvey 2001 [free font at]
Redstar (Oasis) P. Etz
5, 11
J.F.Y. Daniel Gauthier [Based on handwriting of Linda Cappel; free at typOasis Designer: Gautfonts]
Redwood (CT) P. Griffin (CT)
Rebecca Alaccari (Willard Sniffin) 2007 (1929) [Based on 'Raleigh Cursive' by Willard T. Sniffin]
Redwood Swash (CT) P. Griffin (CT) Rebecca Alaccari (Willard Sniffin) 2007 (1929) [Based on 'Raleigh Cursive' by Willard T. Sniffin]
Refreshment Stand (FD) Paul D. Hunt
Stuart Sandler 2001
Refugee (FTI) M. Yanega/M. Darmonkow 8, 14 Marin Darmonkow 2002
Regallia (IT) M. Yanega 2 Phill Grimshaw 1995-8
Regallo APlaya (T26) Yves 10 Jim Marcus 1996
Regency (CG/FLF) Claude 1 (Casaday & Greene) ?
Reggio (Scr) P. Etz
4, 5
David F. Nalle 1993, 1997
Regular Joe (FHs) [FontHaus graphic] [ArtParts] ?
Rehacles (Oasis) P. Etz
5, 14
Manfred Klein 2004
Reiner Script (FB) mamasmurf 8, 9 T. Frere-Jones(Imre Reiner) 1993(1951)
Reinert Upright (E-phemera) A. Leman
Andrew Leman (Allen Reinert) 1985 (c.1935)
Rekord (FF) J. Callaghan/Anonymous2 6 Martin Wenzel 1994
Releaser (Fuel) M. Yanega
Claes Källarsson 1999 [Shareware at]
Releaser Serif (Fuel) M. Yanega
Claes Källarsson 1999 [Shareware at]
Reliq Active (AD) [ graphic] 5, 6, 11 Carl Crossgrove ? [lettering baseline bouncier & shapes more flared than Calm]
Reliq Calm (AD) [ graphic] 5, 6, 11 Carl Crossgrove ? [lettering has least baseline bounce & shapes least flared]
Reliq ExtraActive (AD) [ graphic] 5, 6, 11 Carl Crossgrove ? [lettering baseline bounciest & shapes most flared]
Remedy Double (EM) M. Yanega
5, 14
Frank Heine 1992
Remedy Double Extras (EM) M. Yanega
5, 14
Frank Heine 1992
Remedy Single (EM) M. Yanega
Frank Heine 1992
Remedy Single Extras (EM) M. Yanega
Frank Heine 1992
ReneLouis (RB) E. Moriarity 4 Richard Beatty 1992
Rennie Mackintosh (IT) M. Yanega 6 Phill Grimshaw 1996 [Comes in 2 weights, with ornaments font][see Willow]
Repent (Har) M. Yanega 6, 14 Harold Lohner 2002 [Based on the work of Am. Folk artist Jesse Howard]
Reporter No.2 (LL) M. Yanega 8 C. Winklow 1938
Repro Script J. A. Walcott 7 Jason Walcott (Jerry Mullen) 2002 (1953) [Retro Repro JF from JAW Fonts was used as sample]
Reprobate (Lab) M. Yanega 11 Mike Sedillo 2001
Residoo (CA) M. Yanega 14 Roger Luteyn 1996
Retablo Antiguo (Psy) M. Yanega
R. X. Calvasos 1993
Retail Script (Let) M. Yanega 6 Vince Whitlock 1987
Retron (GF) Yves
5, 7
Matt Desmond 1996
Revolta (CK) M. Yanega 14 B.J. Harvey 2001 [free font at]
Rezin (T26) elaine 10 Generic Mike ?
Rhapsodie (BE) mamasmurf 4 Ilse Schüle 1951
Rhapsodie Swash (BE) mamasmurf 4, 13 Ilse Schüle 1951
Rhino (AS) Anonymous2
Steve Contreras 2002
Rhino (CT) Anastas
Patrick Griffin (Helmut Matheis) 2005 (1960) [Canada Type revival of 'Matheis Mobil']
Ribbit (RR) elaine 11, 14 Doug Bartow 1994
Richmond Fraktur (LL) M. Yanega
Richard Yeend 2003 [There are some alternate characters, most of which are shown in the Zierschrift sample]
Richmond Fraktur Dfr (LL) M. Yanega
Richard Yeend 2003
Richmond Zierschrift (LL) M. Yanega
Richard Yeend 2003 [Mulitlined version of Richmond Fraktur]
Rio Mesa (FM) M. Yanega
Mike Hagemann 2001
Riptide (IT) M. Yanega 8 Tim Donaldson 1996
Rister (AS) Anonymous2
Steve Contreras 2001
Ritz P. Etz Wolfgang Rosenthal 1996 [Volcano Type:] Sample was made bolder for visibility
Riva (Let) M. Yanega
Martin Wait 1994
Riverside M. Yanega 9 ? [freeware at several sites]
Riviera Script (AG) M. Yanega 13 (M. F. Benton) (1905)
Roanoke Script (P22/Shwd) P. Etz Ted Staunton 2003
Roberta (Har) M. Yanega
Harold Lohner (Bob Trogman) 2003 (1962)
Robusto (GD) M. Yanega
George Ryan 2002 [inspired by lettering of Oz Cooper]
Rochester (FH) M. Yanega
5, 14
Ethan Dunham 1995
Rocket (FB) J. Callaghan/Anonymous2
5, 7
Leslie Cabarga 1995
Rockford (Tdel) P. Etz 6, 11 Ronna Penner 2003
Rodeo Clown (FM) M. Yanega
Mike Hagemann 2003-4 [Based on 19th century type called Carnival ]
Rodeo Clown Open (FM) M. Yanega
Mike Hagemann 2003-4 [Based on 19th century type called Celtic Ornate; or Carnival Plain]
Rodin (P22) elaine 9, 10 (P22 Type Foundry) 1997
Rojo Frijoles (FD) Stuart Sandler (FD) Stuart Sandler 1999
Roller (RR) M. Yanega 6 Pat Hickson (C. Winkow) (1942)
Roman Script (E+F) elaine 6, 7 Bob McGrath 1979
Romany Script (Solo) mamasmurf 2, 8 A. R. Bosco 1934
Rondka (ST) elaine
5, 8
Frantisek Storm 2000
Rondo (MN, Opti) Claude 4, 8 S. Schlesinger, D. Dooijes 1947 [from Typefoundry Amsterdam]; Cinderella (Brendel), Rootriver (Pri)
Ronita (Tdel) elaine
7, 9
Ronna Penner 2000
Ronsard Script (Psy) M. Yanega 2 Lars Bergquist 2000
Ronsard Swash (Psy) M. Yanega 2, 13 Lars Bergquist 2000
Roosevelt (Har) M. Yanega
3, 5
Harold Lohner 2002 [formerly called Cabaletta; based on lettering from Aeolian Organ Company]
Ropsen Script (FF) Apostrophe 8, 9 Jürgen Brinckmann 2001
Roquette (Let) M. Yanega
Martin Wait 1993
Roselyn (Har) H. Lohner/M. Yanega 7 Harold Lohner 2001
Rosemary Celtic (BH) [ graphic] 4 Brian Hall ?
Rosemary Copperplate (BH) [ graphic] 1, 13 Brian Hall ?
Rosemary Italic (BH) [ graphic] 2, 4 Brian Hall ?
Rosemary Modern (BH) [ graphic] 4, 8 Brian Hall ?
Rosemary Modified Italic (BH) [ graphic] 8 Brian Hall ?
Rosemary Roman (BH) [ graphic] 4, 6 Brian Hall ?
Rosemary Script (BH) [ graphic] 8 Brian Hall ?
Rostrum One (CT) M. Yanega
6, 8
Rebecca Alaccari (Julius Kirn) 2005 (1938) [Revival of 'Oleander' from Genzsch & Heyse foundry, Hamburg][Font is FREE from Canada Type]
Rostrum Two (CT) M. Yanega
6, 8
Rebecca Alaccari (Julius Kirn) 2005 (1938) [Revival of 'Oleander' from Genzsch & Heyse foundry, Hamburg][Font is FREE from Canada Type]
Rougfhouse (HI) M. Yanega 12, 14 Andy Cruz 1993
Rough (LL) M. Yanega
Christophe Badani 2002
Rough Draft (Har) M. Yanega
Harold Lohner 2002 [has solid, outline and 2 fills]
Rough Italic (LL) M. Yanega
Christophe Badani 2002
Rough Riders (FM) M. Yanega
Mike Hagemann 2002
Rough Riders Alt Caps (FM) M. Yanega
Mike Hagemann 2002
Roughedge (T26) M. Yanega 14 Robert Howell 1995
Roundhouse (HI) M. Yanega
Allen Mercer 1995
Roundy (LL) elaine 6, 8 Friedrich K. Sallwey 1993
Royal Family (TH) Anonymous 3 Patrick Giasson 1997
Royalist (P22/Shwd) R. Kegler (P22) Ted Staunton 2005 based on mid-17th century English handwriting
Ru'ach (Let) M. Yanega 8 Tim Donaldson 1990
Rubert (UT) V. De Castro
Victor De Castro 1997-9 [Comes in 2 weights, with obliqued 'italic']
Rubert Zig (UT) V. De Castro
Victor De Castro 1997-9 [Has obliqued 'italic']
Rudolf (CS) Yves
5, 6
Jason Castle 1992
Rudolph (AG) elaine 3 Julius de Goede ?
Rufnu (Plazm) M. Yanega 14 Paul Bissex 1995
Ruling Script (LL) mamasmurf 4, 8 Gottfried Pott 1992
Rumble Seat (NC) [ graphic]
Nick Curtis (Cecil Wade & T. G. Birtles) 2004 (?)
Russell Informal Oblique (A*I) M. Yanega 6, 8 Karen Ackoff 1992
Russisch Brot Eat Regular (LL) M. Yanega 14 Markus Remscheid 1996
Russisch Brot Eat Text (LL) M. Yanega 6 Markus Remscheid 1996
RustiCalligraphia (Oasis) P. Etz Manfred Klein 2004
Rusticana (LL) J. Callaghan
Adrian Frutiger 1993
Ruthie (P22) M. Yanega
7, 8
Rob Leuschke 2003
Ruzicka Freehand (LL) M. Yanega 8 Rudolf Ruzicka 1939

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