Aliases for Handwritten (HW) Fonts

The Script Font Identification Guide currently shows 300 Handwritten Fonts from the ClickArt Handwritten Fonts CD, all identified with "HW" in their names. Most of these are found in Part 11 (Everyday Hand-printing), but a few are in Parts 9 and 5 of the Script Guide. I have gotten frequent requests asking if these fonts are still available, and where can they be obtained. I recently discovered that all these fonts are still available in the "ClickArt Fonts 3 Deluxe" collection sold by, along with over 2,600 other fonts, including over 50 Creating Keepsakes scrapbooking fonts, for $19.99. However, I have also found that the fonts were copied and re-named by WSI. All the new names are nothing like the original names and all use the form "Somebodys Hand", with 'Somebody' replaced by a new name for each font. They were sold for a while by WSI, either directly, or through third parties who bought the collection from WSI. These re-named copies have become circulated by various means,and may still be available on CD collections using the WSI names. I have seen them scattered on web sites and in free download sites. Sometimes they have been given other names, but I have decided not to try to trace all of these. My advice is to get the original collection, as WSI altered at least one or two of the originals, and had no authority, as far as I know, to copy these fonts.

The following list shows the original names as they were on the ClickArt CD, the WSI name (or Alias), and the File name used for the re-named font. [For file names not shown, just use the WSI name, minus its trailing 's', followed by '-H' to derive the file name.] Use your browser's Find feature to quickly select the name you want to find in the list below.

Aerne Barts Hand
Akron Rickys Hand
Alan Arrons Hand
Aljo James Hand
Almagro Marcos Hand
Alton Ronalds Hand
Amherst Daves Hand
Andres Oscars hand
Andrew Willys Hand
Ankeny Keiths Hand
Anne Trixies Hand
Arbor Lauries Hand
Armour Nats Hand
Arturo Jenkins Hand
Asa Joshs Hand
Austin Hanks Hand
Bade Georges Hand
Badger Karens Hand
Barron Rossys Hand
Basha Sashas Hand
Basing Kims Hand
Beatty Nickys Hand
Bendix Fosters Hand
Benito Pennys Hand
Bert Julies Hand
Birdlak Kramers Hand
Bobbo Rubys Hand
Bobcat Debbies Hand
Bobz Roscoes Hand
Boods Franks Hand
Bowfin Marions Hand
Boyken Sammys Hand
Brad Audreys Hand
Brightn Higgins hand
Brion Neds Hand
Brown Kimballs Hand KIMBAL-H
Button Colemans Hand COLEMN-H
Byfield Coreys Hand
Cameron Amandas Hand
Carla Tanyas Hand
Carlos Luanas Hand
Carnes Robins Hand
Casey Stewarts Hand STEWRT-H
Castle Marcels Hand
Chapman Susans Hand
Charles Parkers hand
Chas Emmets Hand
Chipper Seftons Hand
Chris Jackies Hand
Christa Ginas Hand
Chuckie Handfords Hand HANFRD-H
Clarxn Giffords Hand GIFFRD-H
Clyde Ginnys Hand
Cobb Terrys Hand
Cody Thelmas Hand
Cool Lydias Hand
Corbitt Bobbies Hand
Covey Kenneths Hand KENNTH-H
Curtis Ralphs Hand
Dado Darlenes Hand DARLEN-H
Dakota Fultons Hand
Dana **not included** [Slater2* was used to replace 'Dana'. It uses the f & g from another font, and backslants the letters of 'Slater' to change the look.]
Daniel Lesters Hand
Dart Mannys Hand
Dave Reeds Hand
Davis Candys Hand
Dawson Stanleys Hand STANLY-H
Debbijo Myras Hand
Dells Quinns Hand
Dennis Tullys Hand
Derby Peters Hand
Dik Farrahs Hand
Dino Roydens Hand
Dlnfont Taylors Hand
Dom Ashtons Hand
Douglas Matts Hand
Dunsay Walkers Hand
Eddie Barrys Hand
Edward Alexs Hand
Eric Harmons Hand
Ernest Burkes Hand
Evon Camdens Hand
Fargo Burtons Hand
Finley Brooks Hand
Fox Dereks Hand
Francis Darbys Hand
Fredric Larkins Hand
Frisco Alisons Hand
Frogger Kits Hand
Gaines Jillians Hand JILLIN-H
Gary Eliotts Hand
Gene Frasiers Hand FRASIR-H
Georgia Cathys Hand
Gilbert Crosbys Hand
Givens Ewings Hand
Gladys Nicholas Hand NICHOL-H
Goducks Linfords Hand LINFRD-H
Goldish Paulas Hand
Gooch Tobys Hand
Greg Veronicas Hand VERONI-H
Gretch Beryls Hand
Grover Brendas Hand
Hadley Betties Hand
Hadrian Orsons Hand
Hak Jessies Hand
Hall Lannys Hand
Hank Opals Hand
Hanx Henrys Hand
Harvard Mandys Hand
Heather Lees Hand
Herin Ollies Hand
Hex Wallys Hand
Hinto Vincents Hand VINCNT-H
Hodge Quentins Hand QUENTN-H
Holitas Wendys Hand
Hotch Netties Hand
Hughes Edmonds Hand
Ian Floras Hand
Illini Ericas Hand
Ira Perrys Hand
Irv Dunns Hand
Isaac Erins Hand
Jackie Yancys Hand
James Bernies Hand
Janet Catts Hand
Jantz Acacias Hand
Jdrfont Carters Hand
Jeff Garys Hand
Jerry Lisas Hand
Jersey Dunleys Hand
Jessa Ambers Hand
Jessica Jenines Hand
Jimbo Michaels Hand MICHAL-H
Joan Nellys Hand
Joel Gails Hand
John Lloyds Hand
Jonson Donalds Hand
Joseph Rogers Hand
Julie Dianas Hand
Kadamol Christines Hand CHRSTN-H
Kaempf Ellies Hand
Katzoff Allens Hand
Kedzie Annies Hand
Kelly Kanes Hand
Ken Bretts Hand
Keyport Hodges Hand
Kindel Hansons Hand
Kivetts Reardons Hand REARDN-H
Kline Calvins Hand
Kubis Asters Hand
Kyle Darins Hand
Lanny Haleys Hand
Laura Morgans Hand
Lauren Kellys Hand
Lebanon Brodys Hand
Lee Babcocks Hand BABCOC-H
Lefty Cheryls Hand
Lemond Kings Hand
Leonard Winstons Hand WINSTN-H
Linda Tashas Hand
Lindy Donnys Hand
Lissa Patricks Hand PATRIC-H
Lizard Yanks Hand
Lookout Brendens Hand BRENDN-H
Loublue Chicks Hand
Lumpy Ardleys Hand
Lux Fletchers Hand FLTCHR-H
Lynne Jacks Hand
Macedo Grants Hand
Mack Ginos Hand
Margret Ivys Hand
Marka Crystals Hand CRYSTL-H
Marko Forrests Hand
Marsett Claytons Hand CLAYTN-H
Marsh Kyles Hand
Martin Newells Hand
Maynard Perkins Hand
Melora Marcies Hand
Michael Gemmas Hand
Mickey Carolines Hand
Mkumba Karls Hand
Mogenza Roslins Hand
Momcat Deannas Hand
Mook Rays Hand
Mooner Lawfords Hand LAWFRD-H
Morgan Jolenes Hand
Mrsdog Kianas Hand
Nass Greers Hand
Neenah Saffrons Hand SAFFRN-H
Neil Sawyers Hand
Nelson Dentons Hand
Niagara Herschels hand HERSHL-H
Nicolas Nolans Hand
Nicole Larrys Hand
Nip Vans Hand
Oakland Evans Hand
Oconnor Flints Hand FORRST-H
Ohi Sheryls Hand
Olga Koras Hand
Orinda Irvings Hand
Orkand Edgertons Hand EDGRTN-H
Oyster Berrys Hand
Oz Everlys Hand
Page Kirbys Hand
Pali Serges Hand
Paul Aubreys Hand
Paulson Garths Hand
Peanut Gavins Hand
Peejay Cids Hand
Pelota Miriams Hand
Peter Ryans Hand
Pham Jodys Hand
Phillip Nappys Hand
Pierre Herricks Hand HERRCK-H
Pietro Novias Hand
Piikoi Karins Hand
Plano Princes Hand
Price Quests Hand
Query Queenys Hand
Quigley Wanglys Hand
Quirk Nancys Hand
Rabin Evelyns Hand
Rai Fannys Hand
Randy Gradys Hand
Reid Nicolas Hand
Rep Rustys Hand
Richard Erics Hand
Riggs Trasks Hand
Rocky Fentons Hand
Roel Victors Hand
Roland Cormicks Hand CORMCK-H
Ronnie Archies Hand
Ross Sandys Hand
Russell Adams Hand
Saddle Alinas Hand
Samitch Stacys Hand
Sandra Waynes Hand
Scott Jeffreys Hand JEFFRY-H
Seattle Margos Hand
Sewell Jasons Hand
Sharon Bethaneys Hand BETHNY-H
Sher Carlys Hand
Sheryl Cuties Hand
Shipper Laurens Hand
Simkins Youngs Hand
Slater Dorothys Hand DORTHY-H
Slater2* [See Dana, above] Ursas Hand
Sonni Jeremys Hand
Sparky Angelas Hand
Spear Tylers Hand
Stephen Tracys Hand
Stevo Hunters Hand
Stjohn Montys Hand
Stone Chases Hand
Stubbs Todds Hand
Sue Alainas Hand
Susanne Tricias hand
Swing Zacks Hand
Tasha Averys Hand
Teb Brandys Hand
Terfont Codys Hand
Teri Chelsies Hand CHELSI-H
Tex Buds Hand
Thad Lesleys Hand
Thomas Vanessas Hand VANESS-H
Thrashr Skylers Hand
Timothy Leroys Hand
Toby Austins Hand
Tomas Scotts Hand
Tomo Kathryns Hand KATHRN-H
Topper Justins Hand
Twenty Libertys Hand LIBRTY-H
Ulster Bruces Hand
Umpque Alvins Hand
Urara Binghams Hand BINGHM-H
Valley Emilys Hand
Van Eddies Hand
Vanduyn Ronnies Hand
Vanessa Valeries hand VALERI-H
Varnell Nortons Hand
Vaughn Wilsons Hand
Verona Abigails Hand ABIGAL-H
Vestra Rachels Hand
Vicki Farinas Hand
Vienna Julianas Hand JULINA-H
Villa Kaspers Hand
Vockel Franklins Hand FRNKLN-H
Vranish Zonkers Hand
Waddle Wiltons Hand
Walter Weldons Hand
Warren Frostys Hand
Webster Monicas Hand
Wendle Finians Hand
Wendy Meryls Hand
William Kelseys Hand
Willow Janices Hand
Wolf Johns Hand
Wooster Leonards Hand LEONRD-H
Wundera Websters Hand WEBSTR-H
Yanzel Ramseys Hand
Zuerbig Glenns Hand

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