Bowfin Printworks Typographic References

Font, Typeface & Typography Reference Books in the Bowfin Collection

This is a list of the references I use for playing "Font-spotting" and for learning more about typefaces, styles, designers and the history of typographic design. The list is not in any particular order at this time, although most of the frequently used items are higher in the list .

If you are interested in finding copies of any of these books I strongly recommend using the Advanced Book Exchange (AbeBooks), which has connections to thousands of booksellers. Their ability to locate rare, and out-of-print books has helped me to find and buy a number of the books that are listed below, as well as others in fields besides fonts that interest me, like history, natural history, palaeontology and aviation. Click on the link below to go to the Abebooks search page. Using the link below to order any books will result in commissions to help support this web site. Using the MyFonts link to buy fonts earns referral fees that help support this site even more. Thanks very much.



 Publisher - Date
Type Navigator - The Independent Foundries Handbook
Jan Middendorp &
Gestalten, Berlin - 2011
Font Book - Digital Typeface Compendium - 2006
Mai-Linh Thi Truong, Jürgen Siebert, Erik Spiekermann
FSI - Font Shop International - 2006
Font Book - Digital Typeface Compendium (with FontFinder)
Mai-Linh Thi Truong, Jürgen Siebert, Erik Spiekermann
FSI - Font Shop International - 1998
Typeface Catalog A-Z - Linotype (Mergenthaler 2nd Edition)
Linotype GmbH Staff
Linotype GmbH - 2006
Rookledge's International Type Finder
Christopher Perfect & Gordon Rookledge
 Sarema Press - 1983
Encyclopaedia of Type Faces
W. Pincus Jaspert, W. Turner Berry, A.F. Johnson
 Blandford Press - 1983
Encyclopaedia of Fonts
Gwyn Headley
Cassell Illustrated - 2005
Precision Type Font Reference Guide - Version 5.0
Jeff Level, Bruce Newman, Brenda Newman
 Precision Type Inc. - 1995
Dutch Type
Jan Middendorp
 010 Publishers. - 2004
1000 Fonts - An Illustrated Guide to Finding the Right Typeface
Edited by Bob Gordon; Text by Graham Davis, Robin Dodd, and Keith Martin
Chronicle Books - 2009
SANS SERIF - The Ultimate Sourcebook of Classic and Contemporary Sans Serif Typography
Cees W. De Jong
Thames & Hudson - 2004
Indie Fonts 3 - A Compendium of Digital Type from Independent Foundries
Richard Kegler, James Grieshaber & Tamye Riggs
Rockport Publications - 2007
Indie Fonts 2 - A Compendium of Digital Type from Independent Foundries
Richard Kegler, James Grieshaber & Tamye Riggs
P-Type Publications - 2003
Indie Fonts - A Compendium of Digital Type from Independent Foundries
Richard Kegler, James Grieshaber & Tamye Riggs
P-Type Publications - 2002
Schreibschriften - Script Types
Michael Rau & Rosemarie Kloos-Rau
F. Bruckmann KG - 1993 [Gift of 'Per Etz']
Type Style Finder - The Busy Designer's Guide to Choosing Type
Timothy Samara
Rockport Publishers - 2006
Modern Encyclopedia of Typefaces - 1960-90
 Lawrence W. Wallis
Van Nostrand Reinhold - 1990
Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles - Volume 1 - 1628 to 1900
 Cees W. de Jong, Alston W. Purvis & Jan Tholenaar
Taschen - 2009
Typoshere - New Fonts to Make You Think
 Pilar Cano & Marta Serrats
Collins Design - 2007
Typography - An Encyclopedic Survey of Type Design and Techniques Throughout History
Friedrich Friedl, Nicholas Ott & Bernard Stein
Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers - 1998
Alphabet Thesaurus - Vol.3 - A Treasury of Letter Design
Edward Rondthaler
Photo-Lettering, Inc - 1971
Alphabet Thesaurus - Vol.2
Edward Rondthaler
Photo-Lettering, Inc - 1965
Alphabet Thesaurus Nine Thousand - A Manual of Alphabet Styles and Selected Derivatives Cross-indexed with a Weight Comparator
Edward Rondthaler
Photo-Lettering, Inc - 1960
The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1992
American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century - Second, Revised Edition
Mac McGrew 
 Oak Knoll Books - 1993
Techni-Process Lettering Catalog (Soft cover comb-bound - 320 pp)
Hayes-Lochner Inc, Chicago, IL - 1969
[Gift of Stuart Sandler]
Techni-Process Lettering Catalog (Looseleaf, Hard cover binder - 430 pp)
Typographic Service, Inc, Philadelphia, PA - 1967 [Gift of Stuart Sandler]
Printing Types: Their History, Forms and Use (2 volumes)
Daniel Berkeley Updike
Dover Publications - 1980 (Reprint of Harvard University Press Second Edition (1937))
Monsen Typographers Staff
Monsen Typographers Inc - 1970
Free Fonts! Designer Fonts Online - The Best Fonts Money Can't Buy
Kathleen Ziegler, Nick Greco & Tamye Riggs
Watson-Guptill Publications - 2002
The International Type Book
Studio Editions, with Foreward by Adrian Frutiger
Van Nostrand Reinhold - 1990
Font Bureau Type Specimens - 2nd Edition
Font Bureau Staff
 Font Bureau, Inc. - 1997
Font Bureau Type Specimens - 3rd Edition
 Font Bureau Staff
 Font Bureau, Inc. - 2001
The Concise Guide to Type Identification
Vincent F. Apicella, Joanna V. Pomeranz, Nancy G. Wiatt
 Design Press - 1990
emotional_digital - A Sourcebook of Contemporary Typographics
Alexander Branczyk, Jutta Nachtwey, Heike Nehl, Sibylle Schlaich & Jürgen Siebert
Thames & Hudson Inc - 1999
Twentieth Century Type Designers
Sebastian Carter
W.W. Norton - 1995
American Type Design & Designers
David Consuegra
Allworth Press - 2004
Typographic Design: Form and Communication - 2nd Edition
Rob Carter, Ben Day & Philip Meggs
John Wiley & Sons - 1993
Language Culture Type - International Type Design in the Age of Unicode
John D. Berry, editor
ATypI • Graphis - 2002
Phototypesetting: A Design Manual
James Craig
Watson-Guptill Publications - 1978
Phototypography - A Guide to In-house Typesetting & Design
Allan Haley
Charles Scribners Sons - 1980
Typographically Speaking: The Art of Matthew Carter
Margaret Re
Princeton Architectural Press - 2003
A.T.A. Type Comparison Book
Frank Merriman
Advertising Typographers Association of America, Inc. - 1965
An Atlas of Typeforms
James Sutton & Alan Bartram
Chartwell Books, Inc - 1968 (1988 edition)
Specimen Book of Linotype Faces
Linotype Staff
Mergenthaler Linotype Co - ca. 1936
The Book of Intertype Faces - 1932
Intertype Staff
Intertype Corp - 1932
American Specimen Book of Type Styles - Complete Catalog of Printing Machinery and Printing Supplies
American Type Founders Staff
American Type Founders Co. - 1912
The Big Book of 5,000 Fonts (and where to get them)
David E. Carter
HBI - 2001
International TypeFounders Catalogs One and Two & Complete One-Liner
Steve Jackaman
International TypeFounders, Inc. - 1998
Creative Alliance 9.0 Catalog
AGFA-Monotype Staff
 AGFA-Monotype - 1999
FontFont Catalogue 2004-05
FontShop International Staff
FontShop - 2004
FontFont Catalogue 2002
FontShop International Staff
FSI - FontShop International - 2002
FontExplorer Font Catalog - Version 1.5
Linotype Library
 Linotype Library GmbH - 2000
The Emigré Catalog 02.0
Emigré Staff
 Emigré, Inc - 2001
Type in Touch - GarageFonts Type Library - Volume One, Number One
GarageFonts Staff
 GarageFonts - 2000
[T-26] Font Catalog Kits (to Supplement 24)
 [T-26] Staff
 [T-26] Digital Type Foundry - 2002
David Gates
Watson-Guptill Publications - 1973
typecosmic - digital type collection - serif
Institute of Typography Engineering Research
Evergreen -1994
Hot Designers Make Cool Fonts
Allan Haley
 Rockport Publishers - 1998
Extreme Fonts - Digital Faces of the Future
Spencer Drate & Jutka Salavetz
Madison Square Press - 1999
The Designer's Guide to Web Type - Your Connection to the Best Fonts Online
Kathleen Ziegler & Nick Greco
Dimension Illustrators -2001
Logo, Font & Lettering Bible - A Comprehensive Guide to the Design, Construction and Usage of Alphabets and Symbols
Leslie Cabarga
HOW Design Books - 2004
Deco Type - Stylish Alphabets of the '20's & '30's
Steven Heller & Louise Fili
Chronicle Books - 1997
Revival of the Fittest - Digital Versions of Classic Typefaces
Philip B. Meggs & Roy McKelvey
 RC Publications - 2000
Typefaces for Books
James Sutton & Alan Bartram
 New Amsterdam Books - 1990
Type Designers - A Biographical Directory
Ron Eason & Sarah Rookledge
 Sarema Press - 1991
Frederic Goudy
D. J. R. Bruckner
 Abrams - 1990
Adobe Type Reference - Spring 98
Adobe Staff
 Adobe Systems - 1998
Homage to the Alphabet - A Typeface Sourcebook - Second Edition

Phil's Photo, Inc

 Rockport Publishers - 1985
The Alphabet Abecedarium - Some Notes on Letters
Richard A. Firmage
 David A. Godine - 1993
Stop Stealing Sheep & find out how type works - 2nd edition
Erik Spiekermann &E.M. Ginger
Adobe Press - 2002
The Anatomy of a Typeface
Alexander Lawson
David R. Godine - 1990
The Elements of Typographic Style
Robert Bringhurst
 Hartley & Marks - 1992
Digital Type Specimens - The Designer's Computer Type Book
Ben Rosen
 Van Nostrand Reinhold - 1991
Type And Typography - The Designer's Type Book: Hot Metal Type - 2nd Edition
Ben Rosen
Van Nostrand Reinhold - 1989
The Type Specimen Book
 V & M Typographical, Inc
 Van Nostrand Reinhold - 1974
PostScript Typeface Library - Volume 1 - Serif & Script
 Tony Epsosito & Jean Callan King
 Van Nostrand Reinhold - 1994
PostScript Typeface Library - Volume 2 - Sans Serif, Design, Outline & Ornaments
 Tony Epsosito & Jean Callan King
 Van Nostrand Reinhold - 1994
The PostScript Font Handbook - A Directory of Type 1 Fonts
Jonathan Grosvenor, Kaye Morrison, Alexandra Pim
 Addison-Wesley- 1992
Treasury of Authentic Art Nouveau Alphabets, Decorative Initials, Monograms, Frames and Ornaments
 Ludwig Petzendorfer
 Dover Publications - 1984
Modern Display Alphabets
Paul E. Kennedy
 Dover Publications - 1974
New Art Deco Alphabets
Marcia Loeb
 Dover Publications - 1975
Moderne Alphabets
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1999
Calligraphic Alphabets
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1997
Showcard Alphabets
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1996
Swash Letter Alphabets
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1996
Ornamental Alphabets
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1995
Decorative Condensed Alphabets
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1993
Elegant Display Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1992
Decorative Display Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1990
Circus Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1989
Bold Script Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1989
Outline Alphabets
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1988
Stencil Alphabets
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1988
Script and Cursive Alphabets
 Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1987
Condensed Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1986
Gothic and Old English Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1984
3-D and Shaded Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1982
Art Deco Display Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1982
Sans Serif Display Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1979
Brushstroke and Free-Style Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1977
Art Nouveau Display Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1976
Victorian Display Alphabets
Dan X. Solo
 Dover Publications - 1976

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