Lined Font Identification Guide

This Font Identification Guide is a collection of Multiline and Inline fonts. There are separate sections for each type category, to simplify searching for a particular style. The "Next/Previous" page links are only within the selected style category.

These are collected from various sources, including books depicting film types, which are not necessarily available as digital fonts. I have tried to identify the sources or foundries, if known.

Some of these samples are also included in the "Bauhaus-Style" Font Identification Guide, however the fonts in this Lined Font ID Guide do not fall into one stylistic category. They are just fonts with multiple outline elements, or an inline style to their design.

I welcome your comments, as well as suggestions for other faces to be included in this Guide. - Mike Yanega

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Axis from T-26 Digital Type Foundry

YR72 Inline from T-26 Digital Type Foundry

YR72 Inline Italic from T-26 Digital Type Foundry

Lusta from T-26 Digital Type Foundry

(scan from "The FontBook" (See Reference Books)

Dubbeldik from Mecanorma (scan from "The FontBook" (See Reference Books)

Double Vision

scan from "Moderne Alphabets"

(See Reference Books)

Lucifer No.1

scan from "Homage to the Alphabet"

(See Reference Books)

Pritchard Line Out

from Letraset

Tokyo One & Two from FontFont

scan from "The FontBook" (See Reference Books)

Iron Maiden (caps only)

from Red Rooster

Scamp Bold Inline from Font Bureau

Zambesi (Caps only)

from Mecanorma (at

Skid Row (caps only)

from Letraset

Frankfurter Highlight (caps only)

from Letraset

Frankfurter Inline (caps only)

from Letraset

Tiger Inline Wait One

from Linotype

Pompeia Inline

from Unifonts


from Letraset


from Agfa-Monotype (

Dogma Extra Outline

from Emigré

Dogma Outline

from Emigré

Bing Inline

from Galapagos Design

CondeSerif Outline

from Unifonts

CondeSerif Outline Italic

from Unifonts

Basset Six (Caps only)

from Red Rooster

Basset Seven (Caps only)

from Red Rooster

Phosphate Inline (Caps only)

from Red Rooster

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Date of this page version: 2 Mar 2004

The Lined Font Identification Guide is Copyright © 2004 by Michael Yanega.
The typeface names and designs are the property of their respective owners.