Custom Spice Jar Label Styles and Prices

This chart shows our selection of Label Styles. 'Clear' labels are actually translucent, and will appear frosted on glass or metal surfaces. They are best for white surfaces, or for use as protective covers for the white uncoated labels. The Opticlear labels are crystal clear, and are best for use on glass. I recommend using tweezers for placing them, to avoid fingerprints.

Prices (in U.S. dollars) for the labels are shown near each label style. The first dollar amount is the price for the first printed label sheet. The next amount is the price for additional printed pages of the same style, using the same typeface. 'Clear' blank labels are $2.00/sheet, except for the 1 -2/3" diameter Round labels, which are $1.00/sheet, when ordered with a printed label set. Opticlear blank labels are $4/sheet, regardless of style. Please e-mail for prices of other blank label styles.

[FONTS USED: 'Ground Cloves' = Floridium; Text = Arturis]

Type Sizing Choices
This chart shows the sizing choices for the lettering used on your labels. It also demonstrates how I decide on the type size for uniform sizing, which is based on the longest single word in your spice names. "Seasoning" is the longest single word in my list, but "Horseradish" and "Peppercorns", for example, are both longer, and would require smaller lettering to be used, if they are in your spice list.
If you choose to have the lettering size adjusted according to the name length, you now have some choices as to how much variation there is between the shortest names and the longest ones. The "Adjusted - Medium" choice allows a relatively narrow range of size difference, while "Adjusted - Large" makes the shortest spice names quite a bit larger than the longest names. In fact, for the vision impaired customer, I can even make the type as large as reasonable for the label size. Please specify "Adjusted - Max" for this choice, in the Comments section of the Order Form.


Border Designs Too - For Larger Labels

In response to requests for additional decorative elements for these custom spice labels, I have added a selection of 24 border designs (Black color only). They are not suitable for the Regular size labels, but the larger rectangular sizes have enough room to allow adding the borders. Click here to see the selection of Border designs. Add $1.00/sheet for adding a border design.

They make a wonderful gift!

To order, just use the easy Order Form, or else send an e-mail to with your selection of label style, the type style (font) you want them printed in (and please note if you want all lettering the same size - normally I adjust the size of type on each label to give the largest lettering that fits), any additions or changes to my basic list and your mailing address where I will send your labels. You can pay by check or money order after your labels arrive.

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