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What if you are a small business, without the budget, or time, to buy (and learn how to use) your own graphics software? You just need a product label, a business card, a basic website, a logo for a t-shirt (or a letterhead). Or you need a newsletter, or an advertising flyer designed.

Or maybe you are not a business at all, but just a person planning a wedding, but trying not to get sucked into the high costs of engraved invitations, mailing envelopes, and programs for the ceremonies and a menu for the reception dinner.

I can do all that. I use e-mail to get your requirements, and coordinate my designs with you by posting drafts on a web page or sending them to you directly as files, if you have compatible software to open them. I use Adobe graphics applications -- "Illustrator", "Photoshop", "InDesign" (and "PageMaker"), "Go Live", and "Acrobat". I also have Strider "TypeStyler" and Corel "Bryce" and RayDreams' "AddDepth", as well as a number of clip art libraries. Certain printed output files could be provided in Microsoft "Word", or Acrobat-generated Portable Document Format (PDF).

I have recently become an authorized dealer for several wholesale printing products providers, such as Regency Thermographers, Carlson Craft and their LabelWorks, as well as Label Art (2004 Catalog available for cost of postage. Ask for details.) and Lancer Labels. This gives me the ability to design any print product you need and have the best print resources available through these printing partnerships to provide any format and style you need. This spans the entire print product spectrum from business cards, and stationery to wedding invitations, bumper stickers, signs and labels of all styles. You get the best of everything, and I make all the arrangements. After all, you care about what the final product looks like and not whether I actually own the equipment that produces it, right?

Prices for these services will vary with the job being performed, but I will usually post drafts to show you at least preliminary designs, before I will ask you to commit to paying for my time and services. Some sample services and prices are shown below, although prices may vary depending on the job complexity and time constraints. (These are prices for my design services, to deliver a compatible output file for use by you, or your print shop. Costs for paper or supplies, printing, telephone coordination, or shipping, if I handle them, would be additional charges. The term 'per printed side (or sheet)' means that is my charge for each page I design, and is not dependent on the number of copies you want.)

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Wedding Invitations, Programs, Menus, Mailing labels, and Return Address Labels Invitations: ($15 per printed side); Programs & Menus: ($20 per printed side); Mailing labels (30 labels per sheet): ($15 per sheet for different names; $3 per sheet for identical names ); Return Address Labels (80 labels per sheet): ($5 per sheet for identical names).
Product Label design $50 per label design original; $25 for additional label designs derived from my original; $100 for label design with 4-color separations.
Logo or t-shirt/sticker design $50 for original design; $20 per each derivative design based on my original design (such as t-shirt, sticker, letterhead, business card or web site graphic)
Letterhead/Business Cards $25 for all-type letterhead or business card design, including borders and/or monograms; $15 for other product using same design elements (i.e. Get both Letterhead & Business card design for $40) [For Letterheads involving designed Logo, see above]
Basic Web Site, or Web Page design (using Adobe Go Live, without animation, audio, or video effects) $75 per html page template with frames; $50 for html page template without frames; $25 for Site concept & Map; $1 each for web text (or clipart)-based graphic elements.
Advertising Flyer $50 per page (one color); $25 for each additional color separation needed, per page.
Restaurant Menus & Fresh Sheets, Menu Covers, Takeout Menus $50 per menu/fresh sheet page - initial design(one color); $20 per page to update from my original; Takeout Menu $30 per page - initial design; $10 per page to update my takeout page design
Newsletter layout (typesetting)/design $75 per page template design; $35 per page layout (typesetting) using my design templates for actual newsletters.

My output to you would normally be files for your print shop to use (and I will work with them as needed to make sure I provide files they can use to print your job). However, if you'd like I can supply the paper stock and arrange the printing myself and invoice you for the stock, printing and shipping, as well as my own services.

If there are other Graphics Design Services you are interested in, that I have not mentioned, just ask. I don't bill for anything without an agreement from you by e-mail. Payment is due when a compatible file has been delivered to you. If this is a job to be printed, payment is only due after you, or your print shop, confirm the file I sent is suitable for printing the job.

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