Desktop Perpetual Calendars




Bowfin Printworks has a Perpetual Calendar design that works very well on a shelf or desktop. It comes with instructions for creating either 8-1/2 x 11 inch or 8 x 10 inch size mat frames, using mat board that you buy and cut, that will fit in readily available document or photo frames.

This sample shows the calendar mat with its date pages in place set in the vertical position. (Shown half size)

The calendar insert pages, which we print in the typeface(s) of your choice, are designed and printed so that they can also be used with the frame placed in a horizontal position. (see below)

There are 28 date pages, and 12 month pages which are printed on both sides. The other side of the month pages have the month printed vertically. The date pages are designed so they are simply turned on their side to be used in the horizontal frame position. The date pages have every arrangement of days that is possible in a month, so that all *28 possible combinations are included.


You choose the mat color and typeface to fit your own style and color schemes. (The typeface shown this month is ITC Vinyl.)


Here is the horizontal position of the same calendar, with the month sheet flipped to show the vertical version of the month printed on the reverse side. The date page, which is square, is just rotated and slid into the frame.

*(In case the reason for 28 date pages isn't clear, there are four possible numbers of days in a month (28, 29, 30 and 31) and seven possible starting days for each month, giving 28 combinations.)



The price for the mat design plan drawing ( with dimensions for either 8-1/2" x 11", or 8" x 10") and one set of printed calendar sheets in the typeface you select is $9 (US) (shipping included). Additional typeface sets of printed calendar sheets are $6 each (plus postage, if not ordered with another set).

Pay by check or money order only when your order arrives.

Date of this page version 23 Jun 2004