While I'm on VACATION

Every now and then, I like (or need) to get away from the computer, the e-mail, and the Newsgroups, and enjoy the rest of my life and my family. When this happens I try to let you know by changing the banner graphic on all my web pages, so you will know when I will be back and responding again.

If you have an order for Custom Spice Labels, or another print item, you can leave the order in an e-mail and I will respond and fill your order, as soon as I'm back here in the Bowfin Printworks headquarters (my study).

If you have a Font Identification request, my suggestion is to post it on Type Identification Board forum at Typophile.com, or else the alt.binaries.fonts or comp.fonts Newsgroups. Or cc: me on your post and then I can see if it was answered.

If you have a comment about my web site, or want to make a donation for its support
-- Thank You very much!

See you soon!
– Mike Yanega
Bowfin Printworks

date of this page version: 2 Jun 2004

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