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Dear Font Patron,

You may have noticed that I do not have the resources of a University to provide me with web space and Internet access. Therefore, I have to pay for my presence on the web and the Internet. If you have browsed my site you probably have seen how I try to do this, by selling print products that use my font collection and my suite of graphics and publishing software. Surprisingly (to me), it turns out that my custom Spice Labels are a hit, so I seem to have found a 'niche' for my small business that helps support this web site, but the contributions of generous donors have helped make sure that I have exceeded my expenses most months.

People have suggested charging for Font Identification, or taking subscriptions for my service and reference works. I didn't really like this idea.

People have offered to exchange banners with me, or have me put ads and pop-ups on my site to generate funds. You can see I obviously didn't take that suggestion. Nice isn't it?

A few people have asked if they could contribute to support the Font Identification Guides and Font References, as well as my Font Spotting identification service. I like that approach much better.

I understand the reason they call something a 'Labor of Love' is that you do it without expecting anything back. In fact I volunteer my time at the Type Identification Board at, a true labor of love, if there ever was one.

Yet, if you found that all my work has saved you some work, and if you appreciate getting these benefits for free, you might choose to become a 'Patron', or supporter, to help ensure that I can continue to provide this site and these services. I would be most grateful if you would like to send something as a sign of your support and appreciation. Please see the current list of 'Patrons' of Bowfin Printworks. (I hope you will decide to become one of them). I am not a non-profit organization, but my font identification services and consultation support might properly qualify as a business expense for you.

(Or, you could order some Spice Labels or CasualCards).

Please make checks or money orders payable to 'Bowfin Printworks' and mail to the address below. (I can also accept PayPal payments, if you use that service. The e-mail for PayPal use is

I can receive referral fees if you buy fonts using links on my site for
Please click on the graphic below to order fonts and help support my site:


Thank you for being a Patron of the Font Arts,
Mike Yanega

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