"Bauhaus-Style" Font Identification Guide - Part 7

UNCIALS (Unicase)

Part 7 concludes the "Bauhaus-style" Font Identification Guide with the form of the alphabet that was Herbert Bayer's dream in many ways. The image below, from "The Alphabet Abecedarium" by Richard A. Firmage, shows a single case alphabet by Herbert Bayer -- a version of his "universal alphabet" that shows numerous similarities with the lettering of ITC Bauhaus. The font samples below begin with a typeface ("Bayer Type ArchiType", by David Quay and Freda Sack) based on one the Bauhaus designs of Herbert Bayer (See Introduction), that reflects his concept that the alphabet needed only one case. Not only were serifs unnecessary in Bayer's view (although this font has them), but even more important, he felt there was no need for an upper and lower case for each letter (although the original "Bayer Type" did have an upper case). The next font, "Bayer Universal", is the P22 foundry's version of Herbert Bayer's unicase font. One of his reasons for wanting to promote this concept of printing was the simplification it would make possible in typesetting and typewriters.

The fonts on this page all share the feature that only one set of letterforms is used, even if a larger-sized "upper case" is included, and they all have a strong geometric simplicity dominating their designs. The font "Graphic" by Clotilde Olyff, carries this concept almost to its extreme, while "UnciTronica", by Manfred Klein harkens back to the original uncial forms, updated to fit the digital age. It is this simplified geometric aspect that excluded other familiar uncial designs, and it is my subjective judgement to group these fonts together.

The complete "Bauhaus-Style" Font Identification Guide consists of the Introduction followed by seven parts that separate the type faces according to their dominant geometric and/or typographic design features.

The seven parts are:

Part 1: Round Sans; Part 2: Round Semisans; Part 3: Oval; Part 4: Oblong; Part 5: Squared;
Part 6: Curved; and Part 7: Uncial

I welcome your comments, as well as suggestions for other faces to be included in this Guide. - Mike Yanega

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