"Bauhaus-Style" Font Identification Guide - Part 4


Part 4 continues the "Bauhaus-style" Font Identification Guide with the oblong letterforms as noticed particularly in the flat-sided shape of the "O" and "o". Other than the oblong, often condensed form, these have a similar sense of the strong geometric simplicity of Bayer's (See Introduction) best known design (Bauhaus) with their rounded "A", "M", "N" and "W" letterforms.

The fonts on this page (and the continuing page) all share the feature that oblong shapes dominate the designs in the parts of letters that are usually round in the other Bauhaus-style fonts. It is my subjective judgement to group these fonts together.

The complete "Bauhaus-Style" Font Identification Guide consists of the Introduction followed by seven parts that separate the type faces according to their dominant geometric and/or typographic design features.

The seven parts are:

Part 1: Round Sans; Part 2: Round Semisans; Part 3: Oval; Part 4: Oblong; Part 5: Squared;
Part 6: Curved; and Part 7: Uncial

I welcome your comments, as well as suggestions for other faces to be included in this Guide. - Mike Yanega

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