Bowfin Printworks Custom Address Labels

(Note: The sample shows a Regular size label three times larger than normal size, so that the type details are easier to see. The font name (Hadfield) is only to help you in ordering -- it would not appear on your labels. The address is completely imaginary, and chosen to use as many different letters as possible.)

Why would you want to buy more address labels? Every worthy cause that knows your name probably sends you 'complimentary' address labels, hoping that you will contribute to their fund raising. You may have labels filling every drawer, so why buy custom address labels?

Well, for one thing, those labels are often mini-promotions for those organizations, and they can make your friends and family feel like you are soliciting from them too. Maybe that's what you want to do, but if you want your mail to be a personal expression of something from you, how about having labels with no advertising, in a type style that you have picked? You can have one set for close friends, and another for your personal business mail -- and you can use those freebie labels for mailing in your bills.

Another good use for custom address labels is to get larger ones as mailing labels for your students away at school, or family or friends out of town that you send mail to pretty often. Then when you want to mail away that 'CARE' package, or a 'just thinking of you gift' for a close relative, or friend -- there's no hunting up that dumb Zip Code you can never seem to remember -- you can have a nice neat pre-printed label you just peel and stick to send your mail on its way. I print them for my wife all the time, so she can use them for sending things to her sister and our kids.

You have probably figured out that the Bowfin Printworks specialty is "Finding Just Your Type", and our address and mailing labels are no different.

Have a look at some examples of the typefaces you can choose. Not only the types shown on the sample page, but almost any font you have seen anywhere on my site (some fonts in my Font Identification Guides are not in my collection, but I may be able to suggest something similar). No one else gives you such a selection of ways to personalize your own labels.

What label sizes do we have? Everything from 1/2" high (Regular) to 3 -1/3" high (Super Jumbo), so they can be used for return labels, or mailing labels. Use the Medium size (1" by 2 - 5/8") for just the recipient's name on a mailing label, or the Large (1 -1/3" by 4"), Jumbo (2" by 4") and Super Jumbo (3 -1/3" by 4") sizes depending on whether you want to use larger type, or include your return address on the same label. We also have Clear labels in the Regular, Medium and Jumbo sizes.

How much do these labels cost? There are just two prices: White labels are $2.00 per sheet; and Clear Labels are $3.00 per sheet. The number of labels per sheet varies with the label size, so Regular labels come 80 per sheet; Medium labels have 30 per sheet; Large labels have 14 per sheet; Jumbo labels have 10 per sheet; and there are 6 Super Jumbo labels on one of those sheets.

Can I add a border design? If you are ordering Medium or larger labels, you can add a decorative border to your labels for $1.00 per sheet. See the Label Border Design page for selections. I do not recommend color borders for these labels because I would have to print them on my inkjet, instead of my laser printer, and the colors might run if they get wet. If you are covering your mailing labels with clear tape, then color would be a fine choice.

How can you order these custom address/mailing labels ? You can send me an e-mail, or use the Spice Label Order Form. Please make sure that whichever method you use, you include your e-mail address, your mailing address, your type style selection, and the size of labels and number of sheets you want (of each size, if you order more than one size).

Date of this page version: 6 January 2015